October 7, 2017

Window Light & Why You Need It

Window light is beautiful, it’s gorgeous and it gives brides (and grooms) beautiful getting ready images on their wedding day! 

If you ever wondered how I get such bright photos inside the bride’s home or hotel room, I give a lot of credit to window light! You may be surprised when I say this, but rarely will I ever take my flash out during the getting ready photos because I know there is such a great opportunity using gorgeous natural light!! (Unless I really need to, I will take my flash out)

When it comes to you wedding day, there is a lot of planning that goes into making your day perfect. One of the most important tips I give to brides (and the grooms too!) is having as much window light as possible for their getting ready photos. I say this because as a photographer, I need as much light as possible to bring out all the important details such as the dress, earrings, the shoes and as the bride gets into her dress. This creates gorgeous creamy skin stones and allows me to capture every expression in between.

To achieve this look, sometimes it means moving some of the decorations, wall art and even some of the furniture to the side beforehand. I know, it seems a little crazy, but I promise in the end, it will all be worth it.

A small window (or no window at all)  is very limiting, making it extremely difficult to capture the full length of the dress and the small details that mean most. This creates dark shadows, dark circles around the eyes and uneven shadows. Turning on any household items is rarely recommended too, as the light comes out yellow and unnatural. I try to avoid this as much as possible because I truly want you to have gorgeous photos on your wedding day! You deserve it!!

However, if there isn’t any available window light, I always recommend we do the getting ready photos outside!! It’s the perfect place AND  there is always lots of space to move around, too!

So if you are planning a spot for your getting ready portraits and you have options, take into consideration getting as much window light as possible! And you will be surprised how lovely your photos turn out to be! 🙂

Below this blog post includes wedding images from Karl’s & Katelyn’s wedding this past November using lots of window light!! Not once did I have to bring out my flash because the window light did all the work perfectly!!


This ring shot is from Oge’s and Meredith’s wedding day this year we captured using window light, too!! Absolutely love the effect window light brings!

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