May 15, 2018

Why You Need an Engagement Session

The engagement session is one of the greatest services you can take advantage of before your wedding day. It allows you to get to know your photographer, helps your photographer see which poses you naturally fit into best, and most importantly to push “pause” on the wedding plans and just spend time together! I like to think of the engagement session as a date together! You spend so much time organizing the details to make sure nothing gets missed. You invest your time looking for a photographer that will capture your wedding day the way you envisioned it to be. And while you are looking for a photographer that will capture your day beautifully, you are looking for someone you can trust and will allow for a fun and easy photo experience. Which is why I love including the engagement session as a part of the wedding day experience as it makes a HUGE impact on how your wedding day flows.

Often I feel there is a bit of confusion as to why the engagement session plays such an important role in your wedding photography experience! Ultimately, my goal at the end of this blog post is to encourage and bring a new perspective on engagement shoots and why they play a much bigger role to your wedding day than you think! If I am being honest, your engagement session will be one of the best things you’ll do as a couple before your wedding day begins. Which is why I have made it a priority to include the engagement session in my wedding package – because I truly believe the engagement session is a way to serve couples best, just like you!

So let’s shine some reasons why an engagement session is so important to you, probably more than you might think!

A great time to push “pause” on the wedding planning, and enjoy time together with you and your spouse!

You spend so much time planning your wedding day from the  sending out invitations, communicating between vendors, planning and buying decor, choosing where you’ll be getting ready in the morning and everything in between. With that being said, things can get a little crazy leaving you feeling overwhelmed. You need time to relax, breath, be yourself, dress fancy for the evening and go on a photo date with you and your fiance! As much as it’s important to plan out all the little details, it’s important to focus on your relationship and upcoming marriage. Enjoy a warm evening together, try that fancy dress and pair of shoes you’ve been meaning to buy. And even better, while you two are looking your BEST, plan a fun dinner date with just the two after your photo session since you’re already going to be all dressed up! This will allow to take some time after the session for just the two of you to relax and have some fun together.


It allows you to get to know your photographer!

It’s so important to me I form a relationship with each one of my couples, so that by the time the wedding day roles my clients feel more like friends and creates a fun and relaxed environment for photography! The engagement session is important because it does exactly that –  I’ll get to know you, and you get to know me! Because if I were getting married, I most certainly wouldn’t want to meet my photographer only once. I would want to get to know my photographer overtime so that when the wedding day arrives, I feel 100% confident knowing my photographer on how he/she works! It’s at this time during the engagement session you’ll also learn how your photographer handles posing and lighting!Because of the engagement session, I’ll arrive on your wedding day already knowing how you two interact, what your best poses are and how to photograph you in a genuine way!


You learn how to pose!

Teaching my couples how to pose during their engagement session is SO important because it will actually SAVE them TIME on their wedding day. Our engagement session together is super relaxed, fun and I teach you what to do every step of the way. Almost all of my couples who hire me have never modeled before, so they may feel a little nervous at first. However I am here to tell you the couples who have NEVER modeled before end up being some of my favorite photographs. As your photographer, I am here to coach you through the entire session so you don’t have to memorize anything at all! By the time your wedding day roles, you two will be posing like pros!

Each one of my couples who had an engagement session with me benefited from it SO much, which is why I make it a priority to include it as a part of my couple’s wedding experience package. It allows you to go on a FUN date together, allows us to get to know each other a bit more before the wedding day roles, while also learning how to pose so it SAVES you TIME on your wedding day! You seriously won’t regret having engagement photos as it will allow for a fun and enjoyable experience!

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