March 12, 2023

Wedding Officiant in Grande Prairie | Arinder Sanun

Arinder Sanun is an amazing wedding officiant that I had the privilege of working with over the years, here in Grande Prairie. I wanted to bring Arinder on this guest’s blog post for couples looking for a Wedding Officiant for their big day! She really cares about couples, always going above and beyond to create memorable and fun ceremonies. Each ceremony is unique and personalized. The guests are always laughing and having a great time, which allows for the most authentic joy-filled photographs!

Experience Your Dream Ceremony

When couples book Arinder, she is committed to helping you have your dream ceremony. Before the wedding day ever begins, she takes the time to discover how to help create this part of your day uniquely yours.

Worry-Free Wedding Officiant

As a wedding photographer, something I always appreciated was her thoughtfulness in moving to the side before the couple shares their first kiss, while still maintaining the excitement of the moment! I never had to worry about Arinder because I always know our couples are going to have a great photo of them sharing their first kiss! 

The best part? Arinder has a professional British accent with a huge smile! She is guaranteed to be smiling and having a great time during your ceremony, just like it should be! 

If you are interested in having Arinder be your wedding officiant here in Alberta, you can reach out to her through email at or through her Facebook page, HERE.