March 18, 2019

Steven + Gina

wedding engagement couple in grande prairie at the south bear creek by the riverYou know what I love?  I love it when couples allow me to capture their love in a location that means most to them!  What was so special about this session, is that we captured their photos in the same area that Steven proposed to Gina, however this was not in the original plans!  A few days prior to their engagement session, I posted a short video on my Instagram of a new beautiful location that I had just discovered.  It overlooked the South Bear Creek with lots of spruce trees and pretty snow in the background.  It was truly breathtaking. Surprisingly, shortly after, Gina messaged me saying that Steven proposed to her in the same area!  Of course, we changed our location plans to this meaningful location.  This couldn’t have been more perfect timing. We truly believe it was fate!

These two are one of the friendliest couples you’d ever meet.  When I met them for the first time over coffee, I could see the joy in their hearts as they shared their story as a couple – How they met and how Steven proposed to Gina!  They also showed me their proposal video, which was so incredibly sweet to watch! The day of the proposal, Steven’s friend was a taking video and photos with Steven, Gina and their two dogs.  Little did Gina realize, this was all leading up to the proposal.  As I continued watching their proposal video, I saw Steven go down on one knee, pulling out the ring.  Of course, she said yes!

During our time together, we talked a lot and went on a mini hike together, down to one of my favorite new spots.  I love that so many of my couples are always up for an adventure when it comes to their engagement photos!!  We hiked down to the creek, and it was better than I had imagined!  A few days prior to their engagement session, the creek was frozen solid, but with all the warm weather we’ve been having lately, that quickly changed – Fresh snow, a cool yet relaxing breeze, and the sunset glow sparkling in the water.  I don’t think it could have been better than this.

It was such a joy getting to know them a bit more during our time together, and going on this fun little adventure!  I truly can’t wait to meet their family and friends who will be travelling from different parts of Canada for their wedding day!

Enjoy some of my favorites!!! grande prairie wedding engagement photos with photographer beside the river with sunset glowing in the background in the river orange and super sunny couple is chest to chest with snow and grass all around them couple in the snow for their engagement photos in grande prairie steven and gina couple holding hands in the snow with the beautiful sunset glow and nuzzle close up photo engagement couple in grande prairie putting arms around each other looking at the sunset outside in the snow beside the river black and white photo of gina and steven for their engagement photo sitting on a blanket in grande prairie photographer custom gold wedding ring gina sitting on a green spruce tree in the winter with all the snow beside the glowing sunset river in the winter snowsteven and gina nose to nose for their engagement photos with lots of winter snow and sunset glow in the background in the river at the south bear creek with lots of spruce trees in the background backdrop engagement photos of steven and gina close up of bride with orange curly hair and in the winter snow with bridge in the background steven and gina nuzzle pose in the winter during sunset hour with kayla lynn photography in grande prairie alberta steven and gina by the south bear creek river with sun reflecting in the water in t he winter with all the snow and spruce trees in the background close up photo of brides gina engagement ring at sunset with orange hair

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