August 26, 2016

Shauna + James


Okay, so I am just going to admit it – This is probably one of my most favorite wedding to date!! I have known Shauna and James since before their wedding at family Christmas gatherings. Nearly a year ago, I had the privilege shooting Shauna’s graduation photos with James!! Fast forward a year later, and these two high school sweethearts got MARRIED!! Time flies by so quick and I feel super blessed being a part of their special day!! They are such the perfect match for each other.

The land which Shauna and James got married is SOOO beautiful, it doesn’t even seem like it’s a part of Grande Prairie. And you’ll see why in the photos I’m about to show you – Their land is filled with colorful flowers, fresh green vines on the wall, a clear blue pond, a bridge and cute bible verses and quotes scattered across the paths of trees.  I can definitely see why Shauna and James chose THIS location to have their wedding ceremony – It’s a place full of God’s love and his amazing art!

What many of you don’t know is Shauna and James shared their first look just before their wedding on this beautiful piece of land too!  This is where they got to see each other for the FIRST TIME on their wedding day. Before James got to see Shauna for the first time, I warned James his wife to be looks so beautiful!! James replied, “But, she ALWAYS looks so beautiful”. This was probably one my favorite moments throughout the whole day. It was amazing seeing Shauna and James share this special moment together before they got married!! They are so adorable together, seriously.

With all the crazy rainy weather we’ve been having in Grande Prairie, Shauna and James initially planned their reception at their local church, although they were really wanting an outdoor reception. However, there was a change of plans a few days prior to their wedding, and they managed to find the LAST available wedding tarp in Grande Prairie just so they could have their reception outside instead!! Not only that, but James, Shauna, the wedding party and I got to ride some sweet Clydesdale horses in a field on wheat during sunset!! It was SO much fun!! I think many of us can agree every wedding should have horses.

Now, enough of me talking about how amazing their wedding day was. Scroll down below to view some of their wedding photos!!

Congrats James and Shauna on your marriage!! I feel so privilege being a part of your wedding day and joining in the celebrations. Wishing you two the absolute BEST in your marriage together! 

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Beautiful job as always Kayla! You captured the lighting especially well, it looks so amazing!

Lovely photos of Shauna and James!
Have you ever done baby pics? I have a friend who may be interested.

Hi Sue! Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I have done baby pictures before with mom and dad together.
If you are interested, she is free to email me to chat 🙂
I look forward hearing from you!