March 21, 2017

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Photographer

Grande Prairie | 10 Questions to ask your wedding photographer before booking on your wedding day.

This is probably your first time hiring a professional photographer for your wedding day. You may not know where to begin, or what type of questions to ask. Nothing is worse than having unmet expectations on the most important day of your life. I have heard a few stories were the photographer didn’t show up on the wedding day or where conflicts arise simply because certain things weren’t addressed since the beginning.

I most certainly wouldn’t want that on your wedding day, so that’s why I wrote this blog – Just for you! I truly believe your wedding day should be stress free, fun and enjoyable!

Since this may be your first time booking a photographer, the best thing you can do is ask lots of questions to determine if your desired photographer is the right fit for you and can meet your photographic needs.

So grab a pen, a paper and feel free to write some of the questions below to ask your local photographer!


Top 10 Questions

1. Is my date available? First of all, you are going to want to know if your wedding photographer is available for your wedding date. If not, ask the photographer if they have any recommendations on a photographer who has a similar style to yours they’d be happy to recommend to.

2. How would you describe your wedding photography style? This one is super important. It is a great way to know if your photographer’s style will compliment both you and your loved ones personalities! Each photographer has a different style when it comes to their photography – While some photographer’s style is light and vibrant, other photographer’s style may display more of a moody, darker feel to their images. In the end, it’s all about what you want in your images and how you want them to say about you! 🙂

3. Do you have a portfolio I can view? If the wedding photographer does not have a website showcasing their wedding photos, you may want to ask them about their portfolio.  While reviewing their portfolio, their previous wedding images should be properly composed, display beautiful emotion while maintaining consistency in style.

4. What is your refund/cancellation policy? Every photographer should have a refund/cancellation policy stated in their contracts. While most photographers have this established, some may not. A refund/cancellation policy must be set before booking your wedding photographer to avoid any confusion.

5. Do you have backup photographers who will shoot the wedding if you’re sick? This! You definitely want to know if your photographer has backup photographers if they become sick or something unexpected happens. Although this is extremely rare, it is good to know if the photographer has a backup plan established well ahead of time.

6. Do you have a wedding contract? A wedding contract signed by both you and the photographer is a MUST for your wedding day. A wedding contract protects both parties and underlines the necessary expectations for both the photographer and wedding couple. If the photographer’s wedding contract is 1-2 pages in length, you’ll know instantly their wedding contract is missing a lot of stuff and is not to be trusted. A trusted wedding contract typically ranges from 5-10 pages in length depending on the needs of the wedding day.

7. What kind of gear do you use? It is extremely important your photographer will be using professional gear for your wedding day. Keep in mind this is the most important day of your life, and you’ll want to ensure every moment will be captured perfectly from start to finish. I believe any photographer can create stunning images regardless of the camera gear they use; however, I say this because you’ll want to know if their camera can handle low lighting situations, especially if your wedding will be in a church or at an indoor location where there is minimal use of natural light.

8. Are you comfortable shooting in a church or in low lighting situations? Some churches prohibit the use of flash while photographing the wedding ceremony. Because of this, churches may produce a very unflattering type of lighting, which is why having the right type of camera gear is essential for your wedding photographer to have. Also, if your wedding reception is during the evening, you will want to make sure your photographer is comfortable shooting in low light situations with the proper camera gear. Unfortunately, some photographers do not have the proper camera gear, which may cause darkness and grain in the final product. Your photographer should have a good camera, variety of lenses and a flash that handles low lighting situations at ease.

9. Do you have backup gear in case your camera malfunctions? Technology can be unpredictable, so it is important to know if the photographer has backup equipment – The last thing you’ll want on your wedding day is having your photographer’s equipment break down with no backup camera. By having backup equipment during your wedding day, you’ll be sure to have beautiful photographs even if their primary camera decides to malfunction. As a photographer, I have with 2 camera in case the other one breaks down.

10. Can you provide references or reviews from past clients? Your photographer should be more than willing to provide you the proper references or reviews before booking them.

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