August 24, 2016

Megan + Jason


When Megan, her mother, Sydney and I first met at a local coffee shop, I just knew right away we were the perfect fit for each other. Megan and her mother are super friendly, laughable and welcoming. We exchanged several laughs and smiles throughout our conversations. It got me very exited when Megan and her mother decided to book me for Megan’s and her fiance Jason’s wedding! I was so excited!

Megan’s mother gifted Megan and Jason the most perfect wedding gift for their wedding day – A day long photography session with Kayla Lynn Photography!! I truly believe photos are the BEST investment for your wedding day. These are memories you look back on years and generations to come. Of course, the wedding decor, the cake, the party favors are all important aspects of a wedding day. But nothing beats precious memories captured with those who care for most on your very special day!!

On July 30th 2016,  this awesome couple’s wedding was held at the Dune Golf and Winter Club in Grande Prairie. First of all, I just have to say there was so many wonderful people who attended their wedding. Megan and Jason are from the East Coast, so they had a beautiful east coast themed wedding with their friends, family and their adorable daughter Sydney! I’ve been to Nova Scotia four years ago with my family and New Brunswick to compete in nationals for photography, and I totally felt like I was there again as I photographed their special day!! There was beautiful baby’s breath mason jar centerpieces on each table, attached to custom wooden anchors, a big wooden lighthouses and amazing friends and family all from the East Coast.  I loved it so much!

Even with a couple rain drops during their ceremony, I admired the love Jason and Megan have for each other as they stood beneath the wedding arch. After the wedding ceremony, it began to pour a bit heavier. At that moment, I was worried we would no longer have their family portraits outside. So, I prayed for the rain to stop… and in fact, a few minutes later my prayer was answered! The rain had stopped and the sun began to peek out just on time. The air smelled fresh as the sun sprinkled in the sky. It was wonderful we were able to proceed their wedding portraits out in the beautiful sun with such amazing people!! So much love and fun with such sweet people on this special day  – It is a wedding I will never forget.

I would like to send a BIG congrats to Megan, Jason and their adorable daughter Sydney on their sweet marriage!! I am so happy being a part of your special day and So proud of your commitment for each other – Wishing you the BEST marriage filled with never ending love and Joy!!

Your Photographer,

– Kayla

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