June 11, 2020

Mark & Lina | 9 Year Anniversary Session | Kayla Lynn Photography

mom and mark for their 9 year anniversary photos in grande prairie albtera with blossoms and light airy style mom and dad

I remember nearly 9 years ago, it was mom and step-dad’s, Mark’s, beautiful wedding day at Pyramid Lake, in Jasper.  All week was forecasting rainfalls, but miraculously, their wedding day was the ONLY day full of sunshine and beautiful mountain views.  9 years ago, they said their “I-Do’s”. I am so happy that my mom found such a fun, giving and hilarious person that I get to call my step-dad! 

9 years ago, I would have loved to photograph their big day, if only I was a photographer.  But it was around that time I began my interest in photography.  I found myself intrigued, getting to watch their wedding photographers capture all moments of their wedding day, from the moment my mom walked down the aisle , their intimate reception with their closest family and friends, and so much more.  Little did I know, a few years later, I would be capturing couple’s wedding days, too!

After they said their “I-Do”, they shared their “first kiss”, releasing butterflies out into the mountain air as the harpist played a soft, beautiful song.  Their big day was spectacular in so many ways.  I loved being there to witness the beginning of their marriage, their commitment to one another.  I am really so happy my mom found my step dad.  They are always laughing together, love to dance in the vehicle at times and always bringing joy to each other’s lives!

Usually couples renew their vows or get 10 year anniversary photos, but we couldn’t wait any longer for that!  As soon as I saw the blossoms, I knew we had to book in a session, of just the two of them together!  I took them out to one of my favorite locations, with light blossoms, taking the time to capture their joy and love for each other.  It’s not every day they get pictures together, so I am thrilled they now have these professional, fun moments to cherish forever.

Mark and Mom, thank you for having me capture your 9 year anniversary photos!  I don’t think I could have waited another year to capture these for you.  It is evident you two are a perfect match, always bringing the best in each other, laughing together, every single day.  Your love for one another truly shows, in all of these photos. It was an absolute pleasure to freeze these moments in time for you.  I love you both lots, and hope you cherish these images as much as I will! 

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