June 2, 2019

Kyle & Nicole

kyle and nicole kissing forhead romantic photo art kleskun hills grande praiire wedding engagement photographer

Recently, I had the pleasure of capturing Kyle’s and Nicole’s engagement portraits at one of my favorite locations, Kleskun Hills. For those who read my blog often, I like to shoot at Kleskun Hills at LEAST a couple times a year. The sandy hills, the pretty wildflowers, lush greens and radiant sunlight… these are just a few reasons why I love Kleskun Hills SO much! I’m obsessed with this place. Although I have photographed at this location countless of times, I love how each session always has a unique look to it!

I was so blown away how natural Kyle and Nicole were in front of the camera, during our time together! Kyle was always making Nicole giggle every once in while, producing some natural and genuine photos of them together! What blew me away is the fact that this was their FIRST time ever having their photos taken together, excluding the 10 selfies prior to our engagement session! If they hadn’t told me, I would have never known!

Although I LOVE getting creative and capturing these special memories before the big day, the engagement session is also the perfect time for me to get to know my couples even more. It’s so important, as a photographer, to create an environment where wedding day portraits will feel inviting and fun! From my experience, a lot of this has to do with getting to know my couples, while also capturing engagement portraits prior to their special day. This is why all my couples receive a complimentary engagement session with their wedding day package. As we walked between different locations, I truly enjoyed getting know more about Nicole’s and Kyle’s story, how they met through friends and what they like to do together as a couple!

Thank you for much for allowing me to capture these special memories for you, Kyle and Nicole!! We can’t wait to capture your special day in only a couple months from now, at Clarkson Hall! It’s going to be amazing!

beautiful couple for their engagement photos at kleskun hills nicole and kyle with floral black top couple smiling for their couples engagement shoot at kleskun hills lots of greens and hills in the background at sunset romantic photo of kyle and nicole at kleskun hills couple nicole and kyle smiling at the camera for their couple photos at klesun hills lots of greens and hills and wildflowers in the background kyle and nicole kissing forhead romantic photo art kleskun hills grande praiire wedding engagement photographer nicole and kyle engagement photo close up smiling at the camera black and white ring photo for nicole and kyle at kleskun hills with the grass and sandy hills in the background nicole smiling nuzzle pose with kyle at kelskun hills with grande prairie wedding photographer kissing advanced pose for kyle and nicole at kleskun hills