June 4, 2019

Kyle + Laurella

Laurella and Kyle knew each other since they were young, but it wasn’t until over 10 years later, Kyle would propose to Laurella.  I always find it so amazing to hear how people who have known each other for so many years, end up marrying each other, years later!

Kyle & Laurella were both often in the high school library during their spare.  One day, Kyle walked up to Laurella, and that is how their friendship began! Eventually, Laurella moved hours away for her new job.  It was years since they had last seen each other.  As they years went by, they re-connected through Facebook, and shortly after, that is when their relationship began!

The proposal happened in March when Kyle went to Edmonton to go see Laurella!  At the time, he didn’t know exactly how he was going to propose to her.  So he went out with one his friends to find a nice location. Later that evening, Kyle and Lorella went to the Muttart Conservatory.  Kyle told Laurella that he had a gift for her.  He popped out the ring, and she was totally blown away!

My time with Kyle and Laurella was nothing but amazing!!  Meeting these two for the first time, in person, was such a pleasure.  They greeted me with a warm hug, with their contagious smiles, and it was from that moment, I knew our session was going to be amazing.  These two are so incredibly fun to hang around.  There were moments where I could not stop laughing! I truly loved every second of it!

Before officially booking their wedding photography with me, Laurella really wanted engagement photos in the pretty blossoms.  Hearing her request for blossom photos was one out of many reasons why I was so excited for their engagement session.  Anyone who knows me well, would know that I am obsessed with the blossoms at this time of year.  The warm sunlight glow, the spring floral smell and the pretty visual effects that the blossoms brought to Kyle’s and Laurella’s engagement session was truly my favorite.

Kyle and Laurella, I absolutely loved your engagement session!  I loved every minute of it, and it is only making me even MORE excited for your Kleskun Hills wedding, this September!  Here are a few of my favorite photos of you two together.  Enjoy!

cute couple wearing blush pink and blue in the grande prairie blossoms at julibee park with wedding photographer kayla lynn photography lots of greens and trees in the backgroundcute picnic theme with engaged couple in grande prairie with photographer and blossoms in the summer time really cute picnic theme set uppicnic theme yellow flowers close up sitting on blush patterned blanket with basket on the right sideclose up of laurella's hair and smiling creative shot with the leaves and blossoms for their engagement session photos picnic theme engagement session in grande prairie alberta with photographer that captures wedding with cute picnic basket and a wide shot of couple sitting on blanket with the blossoms close up of laurella bride sitting down for picnic theme shoot with her black and blush retro dress from the edmonton mallkyle and laurella couple full body photo at julibee park in grande prairie lots of greens in the background kyle and laurella close up of her smiling at the camera and close up of gold engagement ring sitting on blush patterned blanket makeup with blush and light blue kyle and laurella black and white photo smiling at trees really happy couple in love engaged kyle and laurella couple holding hands during their engagement session with the blossom tree and glowing light in the background lots of summer greens blush and black dress with light blue dress shirt kyle and laurella engagement photos with grande prairie wedding photographer laurella looking at the camera close up photo with lots of greens and trees and blossoms in the background laurella and kyle nose to nose very romantic pose with blush black dress tan pants and light blue shirt sitting on a picnic blanket close up photokyle and laurella holding hands wide shot with trees in the background for their photos laurella kyle verticle photo at julibee park with the green white blossoms in the background lots of greens for their retro fancy engagement session in grande prairie kyle and laurella smiling at the camera for their engagement session very cute couple