February 18, 2022

Kiegen’s & Casey’s Engagement Session | Kayla Lynn Photography

Do you know what we love? We love it when couples bring us on an adventure for their engagement session! When I, Kayla, met Casey & Kiegen in the studio not that long ago, we were chatting about all of the exciting plans ahead and quickly got into the conversation about going in a helicopter the day of their engagement session, in the mountains! This got me very excited and they allowed me to join in with them, along with our other lead photographer, Jillian!

The day of the engagement session, the winds were high in certain areas, however, that didn’t stop us from gaining access to a new and beautiful location! Kiegen’s dad flew us all in his helicopter and knew about the perfect spot, overlooking the River as the sunset beamed lightly as the backdrop. We walked through a foot deep in snow, but it was well worth it to get such a beautiful sight like we did. When we got to the location where our photographer hearts desired, we were overjoyed and truly enjoyed every second photographing this beautiful couple, so full of love! 

Kiegen and Casey are truly such a down to earth, kind and easy going couple.  They make our jobs feel like a breeze! They never once complained about walking in a foot deep of snow, in fact, they were so willing and so excited!!! We love it when our couples are so flexible, because we knew we were truly going to get some one of a kind photos, uniquely to them! 

It was so wonderful getting to know these two a little more during our time together, and so thankful that Kiegen’s dad, Fred, made it all possible for them!! We loved every minute photographing your love for each other, and we are even more excited for your wedding day, this summer! Here are some of our favorite images from our time together – We hope you love them as much as we do!

Photos captured by both Kayla and Jill.

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