June 8, 2021

Joshua & Tori | Lush Green Engagement Session

Josh and Tori have the sweetest proposal story!! In the month of March of this year, Tori and Josh took a trip to Grande Cache, to enjoy the beautiful mountain views. Josh had the ring with him and knew that he was going to propose to her that day… he just didn’t know when or where, yet. When they got to the top of Sulfur Gates, looking below, they saw big letters that said “Will you marry me?”. Coincidentally, there was someone that proposed to their fiancé, recently. At that moment, Josh was nervous because this note was not made by him, so he was really hoping that she didn’t think he’d be proposing to her that day, soon. Every now and then when they go on hikes, they’ll set the self timer and take a picture, together. Standing on the cliff, Josh runs out to set his phone down to capture the moment, except this time instead of taking a picture, he sets his camera to video mode. Standing on the cliff, together, he pulls out the ring and gets down on one knee. Of course, she said yes and shortly after is when they contacted me to book their wedding photography!

Something I truly love about Tori and Josh is their friendly personalities and sense of humor.  They are just so full of love and I love that we can all laugh together. When I asked Josh what his favorite thing about Tori is, he said “together” –  They are always laughing and sharing humor.  After they had just got engaged, they were looking at items for their wedding register and they couldn’t stop laughing about all the crazy things they saw, including awful and weird waffle makers.

Next came their engagement session, where they took me to a unique and beautiful location, in the Evergreen Trails, filled with pine trees, wildflowers and logs. I always love a good adventure and it was refreshing to capture their love for each other,  in this natural space! 

I truly enjoyed getting to know these two more, during their session and I feel so honored to be the one capturing their special day! The very next time I’ll see them is on their wedding day. So in the meantime, enjoy some of my favorites!

MakeupMakeup by Lina

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