May 4, 2020

John & Alisabeth | Grande Prairie Wedding Photographer | Kayla Lynn Photography


Alisbeth and John are married! I am so excited to share their wedding blog with you!!! These two were supposed to get married at the end of June, however with the restrictions put in place due to COVID-19, these two decided to get married almost TWO full months earlier! A few days before the wedding, they messaged me asking if I would photograph their wedding portraits THIS Friday, and I of course said yes! I couldn’t be more excited to photograph their wedding photos.

The morning of the wedding, I was thinking how I could capture the most perfect memories for them. I had an idea…. Wouldn’t it be so sweet to capture John & Alisabeth seeing each other for the first time, in their wedding attire, on their wedding day?  I quickly texted Alisabeth, and they were both on board with having their first look captured.

John stood in a path, full of trees and glowy light. It all felt so real that they were about to get married in short 2 hours from then. As Alisabeth walked towards him, I could see the excitement John had to seeing his bride! As Alisabeth walked closer towards him, she called out his name. He turned around, seeing Alisabeth in her beautiful wedding dress. He let out the biggest smile, and so did she. It was such an honor getting to capture this special moment for them! 

Alisabeth & John, thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me capture your wedding memories. We know that although we weren’t able to photograph you with all your guests this year, we are so incredibly excited to capture the rest of your wedding memories with your friends and family next year! We can already tell it’s going to be another amazing day. I hope you love looking back on these portraits, through my lens, as much as I loved witnessing it with my own eyes. We wish you two nothing but the best as you begin your life as Mr. & Mrs. We are truly looking forward to celebrating your love for each other and all the celebrations, in 2021!


john and alisabeth black and white photo sharing a first look in near grande prairie alberta in wahmam for their first look on the farmjohn and alisabeth wide and close up shot sharing a first look in the light trees of summer john reaction for first look on their wedding day with grande prairie wedding photographer captured in the springspring covid 19 wedding photos with kayla lynn photographer in grande prairie alberta with light and airy background wide angle shot with tree line.bright and airy spring wedding photos in grande prairie alberta wirth john and alisabeth groom kissing bride for their wedding first look photos in alberta super sweet moment close up photographer john and alisabeth wahmam wedding portraits on the farm with wedding photographer light and airy photographs covid 19 couple for their wedding portraits in alberta elopement small wedding in grande prairie albertaalisabeth and john chest to chest verticle photo with light wedding photosromantic wedding covid photo with alisabeth and john in grande prairie with their wedding photographer kayla wide angle photowanhum wedding portraits in 2020 in the spring with light trees

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