July 18, 2018

Johnathan + Tasha

6 years ago, Johnathan and Tasha met at their friends, Chris’s and Amber’s wedding day. With a love for music, these two fell in love. 6 years later after knowing each other, July 14th officially marks the day of their wedding and I feel so incredibly honored to capture their special day. Their wedding was surrounded by such amazing family and friends, a beautiful ceremony that I will never forget, a gorgeous venue on Johnathan’s parents’ farm with lots of greenery, a cute vintage brick house built in the 1930’s and beautiful grown flowers all over… it couldn’t have been such a better day for Johnathan and Tasha.

Jonathan and Tasha  are such an amazing couple, and so are the family and friends who came together to make their special day happen. Jonathan’s mom Louise made such a gorgeous wedding cake and would check in with me, making sure that I had all I needed to capture a piece of their story; From providing a stool, special heirlooms and making sure I had enough light coming into the getting ready room. She added in some details for me to capture, and I am so glad she did! This included Tasha’s grandmother’s beautiful wedding ring, a special card from Tasha’s and Jonathan’s parents, antique brooches, a hair brush and a mirror gifted to Jonathan’s grandparents on their wedding day. Photographing these heirlooms was so important to Johnathan, Tasha and their family as it tells a beautiful piece of their story. Johnathan’s father put a lot of work into the home, prior to their wedding day, including cleaning, cutting the grass, making the wedding arch and so much more. Both Johnathan’s and Tasha’s parents and so many family and friends were such an amazing support for their special day.

I also must add the wedding cake was absolutely amazing. Louise put so much thought and detail into the cake.. With a layer of music notes circling the bottom tiere, the same lace from Tasha’s wedding veil, detailed patterns, heirlooms and  a beautiful music carriage sitting at the top tier – These details were incredible and each held a story relating to Johnathan and Tasha in different ways. Not only were the details well thought out, the cake was super delicious too. I never heard so many guests comment how amazing it was. Johnathan and Tasha also kept the top tiere of the wedding cake for their 1 year anniversary, next year – So special!

Johnathan and Tasha, thank you for allowing me to be a part of one of the most special days in your life. Your love for each other is so beautiful, and it was an honor being there to capture all the special moments and details. Congrats you two!

This beautiful ring is the ring Tasha’s grandmother wore on her wedding day!


Thanks to all the wonderful vendors who were a part of the their special day!

Florals – Growers Direct

Makeup – Makeup by Lina

Dress – Calista’s

Suit – Moores

Music – Tuesday Night Jazz