July 25, 2019

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Videographer
By Bread & Wine Films
Hello anticipant Bride’s and Grooms! We are Jonny and Jilliana with Bread & Wine Films from Grande Prairie, Alberta! Listen, we totally understand the chaos, and yet pure joy, of planning a wedding. All the decisions it includes: the colors, locations, hair styles, bridal party, flowers, and on and on it goes. It can almost feel overwhelming trying to make the right choices for such a monumental day. We are hoping that through this blog, we can help you feel more informed if you are considering videography as a valuable investment for your wedding day.

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Videographer:

1. You can share the video with people who couldn’t make it:

It goes without saying that one of the greatest joys for us is seeing how the bride and groom react so excitedly to the wedding film we craft for them. At some point (sometimes many points) during the editing process I (Jonny) will tear up and that’s how I know we are on our way to a quality wedding video. So to have the bride and/or groom respond so emphatically is always affirming and encouraging! One beautiful bride said, “I honestly don’t have words to express how happy I am to relive my wedding day through this video. This is gonna stay with me forever.” We are thrilled that our videography enables them to savor the moments all over again. There is only ONE thing that is just as rewarding as that, and it sort of came as a surprise to us after we published our first films. It’s the way those who wanted to be there (and couldn’t make it) started reacting to the films. We read comments like:

“I love this, I felt like I was able to be a part of your beautiful day.” Or“… this is incredible, brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing this, please give the beautiful couple my best.

There is a sense of honor and gratitude that comes when we read what people have to say about the wedding films. It is such a reward for us to see that we could help close the gap for them and bring them a little closer to experiencing the wedding first hand. Weddings are a big investment- for the bride and groom, but also those traveling from afar to attend. Sometimes getting to the wedding just isn’t an option for some family and friends due to work, finances, health issues, etc. Cinematography doesn’t just give you the visual encapsulation of a moment, but important things that should beheard as well. It really makes you feel like you are right there.


2. You are creating a family heirloom:

   Not only is having a video done special for the Bride, Groom and those far and wide to enjoy, it also allows your current Children, or future Children, to relive the day as well! Parents are the greatest  and most influential example to their kids in what a healthy relationship could look like, and what to seek, or avoid, in their future marriage. What a joy it would be to snuggle up for your 20th anniversary, pull out the video and hear the “awwwws” from the kids as they watch their parents recite vows and see the love exchanged then, and now, between their parents.

3. Video captures moments that photography is unable to:

   Because we were trying to bring Jonathan over from the states when we got married, there was a lot of area’s of the wedding planning that we either didn’t fully consider, or had to compromise on. Most of our wedding came together from the generosity of our friends and family helping out and providing things that were needed. A girlfriend of mine who enjoyed photography gifted us with ceremony and formal shots. Our ceremony was captured last minute via go-pro’s from another friend of ours. Our original videographer had to cancel last minute due to an injury and it was too late to book with someone else so late in the season. We are so grateful to have what we have, but there were speeches, our first dance, a game and even a song made up by my (Jilliana’s) Bridesmaids, that I would have loved to have seen/heard again. While we have a few photos from the reception, having a video so we could hear the laughter, and see the tears, during the speeches would have been such a valuable memoir.


4. You get to see moments you missed:

    There is so much investment, financially, emotionally, and time wise, into this very special day, that it’s easy to miss or forget moments, because of the whirl wind of emotion and schedule keeping. A lot happened that day for us that we honestly don’t remember. While we have been told by many people that it was one of the funnest weddings they had been to, and the food was just the bomb, we don’t recall a lot of it. Not because it wasn’t wonderful, but there was just so much to take in- the centre pieces, those attending that we hadn’t seen in a while, the food, the giddy feeling of being someones forever person and also the exhaustion from months of planning and the day of the wedding itself. Having a video can help you see what everyone else that attended got to see and more! You get to see your love celebrated and shared through the viewpoint of the guests, different locations around the ceremony or reception room. It brings in an entirely new, and precious, perspective of the day.


5. A worthy investment with no regrets:

     We have yet to have any couple say that they regret having invested in a wedding film. In fact, we have never heard of anyone hiring a wedding videographer (whether it be us, or one of our many friends in the field) and regretting their choice to do so. Photography has been around for a long time, and is assumed as a staple for weddings. Videography is just recently becoming a more widely desired option for Brides and Grooms. It can be an intimidating experience planning and budgeting for a wedding. There is often a need to pick and choose what stays and what can be compromised on. When considering Videography, we would encourage Brides and Grooms to view Videography as an investment, more than a cost. While valueable, a cost could be considered things that are used and enjoyed for just the day of the wedding. However, investments are considered things that will be maintained through the marriage or held onto as an heirloom. Nothing can substitute for a high quality photograph of the right moment, and videography compliments photography in being able to capture what it cannot through sound, live action and expression. We carefully select music that works just like salt: a tasteful/measured addition that makes the main ingredient’s flavour impossible to miss. Photography is an art in its own league and is invaluable for special occasions. Videography offers an experience of those special occasions to either revisit or witness for the first time.


If you are interested in our wedding videography services or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Instagram, our Facebook Page or the contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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