August 1, 2017

Corbin + Shelby

Corbin and Shelby are married!! We celebrated their special day in a beautiful forest and they honestly couldn’t have picked a better spot for their wedding! The forest was so magically beautiful and spending it with their family was amazing! Everything was in one beautiful location near two intertwined trees, a special spot we scouted a few weeks before their special day!

From the first time we met over coffee, to shooting their engagement session and now their special day – I have to tell you getting to know Shelby and Corbin was something I truly cherish. These two love other with all the heart and they are such friendly people to hang around!

The best part of the whole day was seeing Corbin and Shelby together happy, in love and married!! These two bring so much happiness to each other, and Shelby says there isn’t a day that passes by where her husband, Corbin, makes her smile. So so sweet!!

One of my favorite moments of the day was seeing Corbin and Shelby see each other for the first time during their “first look”. As Shelby walked towards her new husband to be I knew this was going to be such a special moment between these two. As they turned around facing each other, they gave each other a warm hug, a kiss and their eyes were so full of emotion with the strong love they have for each other. Shelby shed a tear of love, and the emotion between these two was so so beautiful.

Followed by the first look, their close family gathered near two special trees intertwined together for their wedding ceremony. The two trees reminded me of Corbin and Shelby as they begin this special journey together as husband and wife, together!! And soon after, these two were officially husband and wife!!

At the end of the day as the sun glowed beautifully, Shelby, Corbin, their parents and I took a little hike down to the river. At this time of the year, we were so thrilled to know the river was clearest it could be, just on time for their wedding day! Corbin and Shelby walked down along the edge of the river, together as the sun glowed perfectly around them.

Enjoy some of my favorites from Corbin’s and Shelby’s special day!! Congrats Corbin and Shelby! And thank you so much for trusting me on capturing your wedding and love for each other!! I am so happy for you two as husband and wife!!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their special day!! 🙂

Your Photographer,


bride's wedding ring in the beautiful blue and purple wedding bouquet flowers bride getting ready hand on hip and her wedding ring in pretty blue and purple flowers beautiful light and airy ring shot of bride and groom ring bride walking up to her groom fiance during first look i the outdoor forest close up photo of bride and groom during their first look bride walking up to her groom for the first look in the outdoor nature forest bride and groom smiling bride and groom during the first look giving eahc other a hug couple kissing each other during first look outside in the forest grande prairie wedding couple holding hands in the forest photographybride and groom holding hands forehead touching in the forest bride and groom hugging in the trees holding her wedding bouquet grande prairie wedding photographer couple nuzzle and holding hands in forest Bride and groom kissing each other in the grande prairie forest and leaves Shelby and corbin bride and groom holding hands during wedding ceremony in front of two intertwined trees bride and groom getting married at their ceremony beside two intertwined trees in the green forest bridemaids and bride holding blue and purple wedding bouquets bride and groom have their amrs around each other in the nature bride and groom kissing each other in grande prairie forest bride and groom smiling at each other in the forestbride and groom holding hands around the special tree of love in the forest bride and groom kissing in the trees and leaves and nature bride and groom in their wedding clothes outside surrounded by beautiful trees bride and groom in the grande prairie forest surrounded by lots of leafs and trees. Lots greens. bride and groom smiling bride and groom looking at each other in the forest close up photo of bride's blue and purple wedding bouquet beautiful wedding bride in the forest and her blue and purple wedding bouquet

Then as the sun was glowing beautifully that evening, we went down to the river!

couple walking in the river holding hands. Bride is wearing her dress and smiling. couple in the river as the sun goes down

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