October 22, 2021

Cole & Courtney | Grande Prairie Wedding Photographer | Kayla Lynn Photography

I am so excited to share with you Cole’s and Courtney’s beautiful engagement session! There are so many reasons why I loved their session – The trees still had leaves, the weather was not too hot and not too cold, and the golden colors were so incredibly beautiful!  This was all paired up with a sweet couple in love that made it feel like photographer heaven!

Cole and Courtney brought me to a gem of a location, close to their own home, and I am so glad they did!! Their session took place at a location I never shot at before, so I was excited to create imagery that was unique and new, just for them. Sometimes new locations can bring unexpected surprises, but this one definitely exceeded my expectations. When we finally arrived at the first location, my jaw dropped and my photographer mind was racing with ideas, as the light shined so beautifully through the golden leaves. Leaves were scattered all over and the air was fresh. It was magical.  We walked further along the paths and towards the end, there was a gorgeous view overlooking the river and an abundance of trees. The beauty of it all was so inspiring and every click of the shutter made my photographer’s heart so happy! 

Cole proposed to Courtney after driving through the trails on their side by side. Among the trails, he had an antler sitting there, with their names and the date engraved right into it. This is where Cole got down on one knee and proposed to Courtney! It was so sweet! They brought along that same antler to their engagement session and it was fun to tell that part of their story through their photos! 

I absolutely love photographing Cole and Courtney. Their friendly and easy going personalities make them so easy to photograph. Their special day won’t be until 2023, but it will be well worth the wait. I just know their day is going to be amazing. Enjoy some of my favorites!!! 

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