September 27, 2018

Chris + Lina

grande prairie wedding photographer at alberta kleskun hills for chris and lina engagememt photos very classy with light pink dress
Everything about this engagement session was amazing. This blog is a special one because the bride-to-be in these images has been part of many photographs taken within the last couple years. You have never seen her before, because she is the one who has done makeup for many of my couples, brides and grads! She brings confidence and beauty in many of the amazing people I have photographed the last couple of year. So when I found out I was available for her wedding date in 2019, I was instantly excited.  I genuinely loved getting to know their story as a couple. I loved getting to know how these two met, how Chris proposed to his wife-to-be with their sweet daughter by the river, and hearing about all the exiting wedding plans ahead. By the time the engagement session rolled, I was photographing these memories for friends!

We also couldn’t have asked for a better evening for photos. Even though it had snowed the week prior to their session, the trees were still green and sun shining brighter than ever. Being blessed with this beautiful evening with gorgeous Kleskun Hills scenery and this adorable couple in love, resulted in beautiful memories photographed, together. I just loved capturing the love between these two!

From the moment I took your first engagement photo, I knew these were going to make for some magazine worthy images! You two are the sweetest and kindest couple. Capturing your engagement photos was so much fun. I feel so honored you invited me to capture this special season in your life. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do, Chris and Lina!

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Makeup: Makeup by Lina

Suit: Moores