March 20, 2019

Chris + Kaytlin

photo session with grande prairie wedding photographer with chris and kaytlin in grande prairie Alberta in the winter Chris and Kaytlin drove all way from Edmonton for their engagement session, here in Grande Prairie! Kaytlin emailed me a few months ago saying that she wanted winter engagement photos with her and Chris, so I told her my photographer secret; To book their engagement photos in March, when the weather is nice and warm!  I am SO glad we booked their engagement session in March because that means they are getting JUST as many images as I would deliver from a session on a warm summer day!  Although it was cloudy for most of their session, the +6 weather created an enjoyable photo session experience!

I really wanted to make their photos beautiful and unique, so I took them to a few fresh places that I LOVE!  The clouds were present for the majority of their session, however towards the last little bit of our time together, the beautiful sunlight began to roll in.  This made me excited.  Kaytlin was in her flowy maroon dress, Chris in his fancy suit as the sunlight peeked behind the caved in trees, surrounded by light snow – It truly couldn’t have been more dreamier than this!

I absolutely loved my time with Chris and Kaytlin!  They are so easy going and so much fun to be around.  I truly enjoyed getting to know them a bit more, and also chatting about all the exciting wedding plans ahead.  They are also so natural in front of the camera, I could photograph them all day, if I could!  I will admit, I felt a little sad as our session ended, but that makes me even MORE excited to capture their special day, this 2019!

Enjoy some of my many favorites of this adorable couple. I am so excited to see these two again on their wedding day, next summer! It’s going to be amazing!   romantic engagement photos elegant in grande prairie alberta with chris and kaytlin with deep maroon dress and suit with the winter snow in the background and creamy caved in trees at muskoseepi parkengagement photos with chris and kaytlin at sunset in the winter with lots of snow and sunset glow it looks super magical with maroon dress from le chateau professional wedding photographer alberta chris and kaytlin couple holding hands smiling along the winter path full of snow in the background and lots of trees with a bit of sun close up couple photo at engagement session chris kissing kaytlins forhead super romantic in grande prairie alberta at muskoseepi park engaged couple walking away and kissing bride has blond hair with maroon long maxi dress from le chateau happy engaged couple mwith winter photos with snow in the background close up of them smiling at the camera in dress and suit elegant and fancyengaged couple wearing dress and suit in grande prairie alberta for their photos in the winter with maxi dress couple at engagement session with grande prairie wedding photographer holding hands along the path of trees full of snow the bride with flowy long purple dress kaytlin with blond hair at her engagement session with grande prairie wedding photographer with snow in the background chris and kaytlin close up photo at their winter engagement session with kayla lynn photography groom nuzzle with lots of snow in the background and gorgeous creamy light chris and kaytlin at their engagement session in grande prairie black and white photo next to a tree in front of the muskoseepi bridge in grande prairie alberta with their wedding photographer grande prairie wedding photographer captures chris and kaytlin along winter path full of snow in grande prairie alberta holding hands and kissing in the air

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