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Joshua & Tori | Lush Green Engagement Session

Josh and Tori have the sweetest proposal story!! In the month of March of this year, Tori and Josh took a trip to Grande Cache, to enjoy the beautiful mountain views. Josh had the ring with him and knew that he was going to propose to her that day… he just didn’t know when or where, yet. When they got to the top of Sulfur Gates, looking below, they saw big letters that said “Will you marry me?”. Coincidentally, there was someone that proposed to their fiancé, recently. At that moment, Josh was nervous because this note was not made by him, so he was really hoping that she didn’t think he’d be proposing to her that day, soon. Every now and then when they go on hikes, they’ll set the self timer and take a picture, together. Standing on the cliff, Josh runs out to set his phone down to capture the moment, except this time instead of taking a picture, he sets his camera to video mode. Standing on the cliff, together, he pulls out the ring and gets down on one knee. Of course, she said yes and shortly after is when they contacted me to book their wedding photography!

Something I truly love about Tori and Josh is their friendly personalities and sense of humor.  They are just so full of love and I love that we can all laugh together. When I asked Josh what his favorite thing about Tori is, he said “together” –  They are always laughing and sharing humor.  After they had just got engaged, they were looking at items for their wedding register and they couldn’t stop laughing about all the crazy things they saw, including awful and weird waffle makers.

Next came their engagement session, where they took me to a unique and beautiful location, in the Evergreen Trails, filled with pine trees, wildflowers and logs. I always love a good adventure and it was refreshing to capture their love for each other,  in this natural space! 

I truly enjoyed getting to know these two more, during their session and I feel so honored to be the one capturing their special day! The very next time I’ll see them is on their wedding day. So in the meantime, enjoy some of my favorites!

MakeupMakeup by Lina

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Darrion & Emma | Dreamy Winter Engagement Session

beautiful wide shot winter engagement photo in grande prairie couple emma and darrion holding hands bridge in the background

Darrion and Emma have the perfect story… it almost seems unreal because it’s one of those sweet stories that you hear and see in the movies!  In Grade 9, Emma was the new girl at school. Her smile brightened the room and Darrion couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was. They remained friends for years, but it wasn’t until High School, they connected more when they had some classes together. That’s when these two started dating and the rest was history! 

Fast forward to many years later, Darrion finally decided it was time to pop the question.  Originally, he was planning to propose to her on a trip, but then those plans got canceled due to covid. He knew he still had to propose to her, so he came up with a creative idea to lay a picnic set in their own home. They had a good time enjoying their home picnic, together.  Since Darrion is such a thoughtful guy, Emma was clueless on what was to come. Then before she knew it, Darrion went down on one knee, asking him to marry her.  Shocked, Emma said “are you serious!?”.   It was the perfect proposal, just like you see in the movies!  Of course, she said yes to marrying her best friend!!

Their engagement session was supposed to happen over a month ago, when we had very cold weather, for a whole week. Thankfully, we rescheduled their engagement session to a new date, in hopes it would be a lot warmer by then, and it was!!! The rescheduled date was absolute perfection!  Warm sunny glow, no wind and an amazing couple so full of love! They even included their cute dog, Meeko, too!  There was just enough snow for the most scenic winter photos, overlooking a bridge in the distance and the magical South Bear Creek, here in Grande Prairie.

Darrion & Emma, I had such a blast capturing your winter engagement photos!  I can already tell how spectacular your wedding will be and cannot wait to capture your happy memories but most importantly, I can’t wait to capture the story of your big day!  You two are beautiful inside and out and I hope you love seeing yourselves through my lens as much as I loved capturing it!

engagement photos in grande prairie with emma and darrion and meeko black dog in the spruce treesfun candid shot of emma and darrion close up walking among the spruce treesengagement photos with black small dog in the south bear creek in grande prairie walking along the path bride and groom kissing dog during engagement session black dog close up photo with emma and darriongroom twirling his bride for magical winter engagement photos verticle photo in the winter time in grande prairie and smiling at the camera close upcouple walking on the muskoseepi bridge in grande prairie for their couple photos burtned red bridge in grande prairie light and airy close up photo of emma during engagement session with light golden grass in the background














Reid & Brhianna | Grande Prairie Wedding Photographer | Kayla Lynn Photography

engagement session in elmsworth near grande prairie with brhianna and reid with the cows and the trees winter time

There is no better way to start our first blog of 2021, featuring this lovely couple, Reid and Brhianna! This couple has the kindest hearts.  I feel so honored to capture these sweet memories, for this lovely couple, right after Christmas!

I met Reid and Brhianna on Reid’s parent’s property where he grew up, most of his life and it was the perfect place for some ranch pictures!  It was so special to capture them at a location meaningful to them. There were lots of trees, fluffy snow, a renovated brown barn and lots of cows, Reid’s favorite!  Through this, we were able to bring their vision for a ranch-styled engagement session come to life. 

I must say, one of my favorite parts of their session was venturing out to a nearby field, full of cows. I have photographed many horses before, but cows were a first for me!  Reid brought a bucket full of oats to the scene, where he bribed the cows to all come together to make the perfect backdrop. Their cute, innocent faces peeked behind them, as I had this sweet couple snuggle close, smiling at each other, so brightly. This moment was so special and I was so thrilled to capture it!

Above all, capturing their love and personalities was my favorite part. When I first met Reid and Brhianna, they told me what they loved most about each other. Brhianna loves his kind and caring heart for people. Reid loves how beautiful she is and how much fun she is to be around, every time they are together. After being together for an hour that day photographing their love, I noticed just that, Reid’s caring heart and Brhianna’s beauty and fun personality! 

Despite the cold, we had a blast together. I truly enjoyed getting to know this couple more through our time together!  We are truly looking forward to their special day and will be our first wedding of 2021 – We can’t wait! Enjoy scrolling through our many favorites! 

reid and brhianna for their wood winter engagement photos in elmworth near the farm kissing in the trees with snowbrhianna kissing reid on the cheek with cowboy hat on close ups with cows in the backgroundreid kissing brhianna on the forheadbrhianna and reid smiling at the camera with winter snow trees in the background outdoorsbrhianna smiling as reid looks at her close up photo for their engagement session near wembly in elmworthcouple kissing in the trees for their winter engagement photos ring in the snow close up macro shot with reid and brhiannacouple engagement landscape photos with cows in elmworth in the background reid holding his country cowboy hat brown cute cows farm engagement photos in elmworth near wembly country engagement couple holding hands with cows and sitting down close up photobrown barn engagement photo with groom twirling his future bride wearing white lace cardigan and cowboy boots brhianna and reid walking and holding hands with elmworth wemby cows in the background wide shotbrhianna and reid couple engagement kissing holding cowboy county hat with the brown cows in the background in the winter time

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Damon & Deanna | Grande Prairie Wedding Photographer | Kayla Lynn Photography

damon and deanna wrapped around blanket for their winter snow engagement photos in grande prairie alberta in crystal lake with sunset in the background and trees

I can’t tell you how much I loved capturing Damon’s and Deanna’s sweet engagement memories!!  From the moment Deanna and Damon came out of their vehicle to meet me in-person, for the first time, I already knew this session was going to be amazing!  They are the sweetest, down-to-earth couple, with the brightest smiles I have ever seen.  I don’t think a minute passed by without them laughing or smiling for the most joy-filled photographs! 

Deanna always wanted a winter wedding, so they compromised by having a winter engagement session! These past few weeks in Grande Prairie have been different than most years.  We would have fluffy snow one day, then the next day, the warm weather would creep on us and melt all the snow away. It’s been a strange November to say the least.  As their engagement session date was approaching, we were worried that we may have no snow for their session.  At this point, we were hoping for the best.  I was checking the weather app daily. Thankfully, the day before their session, we had an abundance of snow and I was SO happy Deanna was going to have the winter photos that she’s always dreamed of having! 

I could go on and on how much I enjoyed my time with these two!  I truly enjoyed getting to know them more and chatting about their sweet pets.  When it came time to photograph this adorable couple, I am pretty sure I was in photographer heaven. The light was dreamy, the snow was sparkly and their smiles were so beautiful.  Now, I have some tricks up my sleeve to really bring out genuine smiles.  With Damon and Deanna, I barely had to do any of that.  They truly love each other and were making each other smile the whole way through. Capturing just that is what I LOVE!

Damon and Deanna, thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with your engagement memories! The next time we see each other will be on your wedding day – I can hardly wait!  For now, enjoy some of my favorites from our time together!!

damon and deanna winter fall engagement photos in grande prairie with the light golden grass in crystal lake photo shoot locationdamon and deanna walking in grande prairie crystal lake walking with grey blanket wrapped around them smiling during golden hour in grande prairiecouple walking in field with light grass and snow in crystal lake grande prairie with grey blanket wrapped around them wearing burgundy shirt and jeanscouple walking in the snow for their winter engagement photos with light spruce trees tulle grey skirt pinterestdamon twirling deanna for their winter engagement photos with snow wearing purple top and jeans with spruce trees in the background very beautiful photos in grande prairie on the crystal lake pathfall winter engagement photos with deanna and damon with light golden grass wearing burgundy shirt and cream shirt

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Zach & Laura | Grande Prairie Wedding Photographer | Kayla Lynn Photography

engagement photos with zach and laura at kleskun hills grande prairie wearing tan hat sitting on a blanket with the sandy hills in the background

Zach and Laura are one of those couples with whom you almost can’t believe that over hour has flown by already because they are so enjoyable to spend time with! As soon as they arrived on the scene at beautiful Kleskun Hills, we started chatting and laughing and we hardly stopped for the rest of the session!

Zach and Laura became friends as 19-year-olds but didn’t pursue a romantic relationship together until they were several years older! After dating for 6 years, Zach knew that he couldn’t live without Laura, and the rest is history. Their love for each other is so clear and it was such a privilege to get to capture images of this precious time in their lives as they prepare to say “I do!”

This sweet couple was SO intentional with their engagement session and I think it really shows!! Their outfits were so well matched to our style guide and photography style, which makes a huge difference for any session! Bringing along some fun additions, like a super cute hat and a bottle of champagne, really helped customize their experience and make it more personal, too. Their sweet dog Nelly also made an adorable appearance for a few minutes, which was so precious!

Something I really appreciated about Zach and Laura is that not only were they up for anything I suggested, but they were even familiar with many of our classic poses! One of my favourite moments from the session was when I was directing them into a specific pose, and Zach exclaimed, “Oh, I know this one! I thought it was going to be WAY harder than this!” Which is always a great thing to hear when you’re wanting to make posing as simple and enjoyable as possible!

Zach and Laura, I loved getting to meet you both and fangirling over your images together! Thank you for going the extra mile to make your engagement session such a special, personalized experience. I hope your time as an engaged couple is something you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives as you embrace this new journey of marriage! I can’t wait to photograph your wedding next year!!

Enjoy a few of our favourites from your gorgeous session!

couple walking for their engagement photos at kleskun hills for the fall in alberta with their photographer laura holding her tan hat going in for a kiss and walking on the pathcouple sitting on cream blanket with the kleskun hills in the background for their engagement phots with light blue and tan and creams colors for their stylist pinterest outfitszach twirling laura for their engagement photos in grande prairie couple looking at the camera cute on blanket with golden grass signature photo of zach and laura kissing close up holding tan hat from the headroom the stripped dress kissing very light and airy and romantic photochampagne detail photo for zachs and lauras engagement photoszach pouring into champagne glass smiling at each other dog engagement photos with photogrpaher in grande prairie walking with their dog with kleskun hills in the background wide shotblack and white casual stylish clothing for engagement session at klesun hills engagement photos fulll body shot with their dog willa black and jeans clothing at klesun hills with golden grass in the background and sandy hillscandid photo of zach and laura walking with their wedding photographer in grande prairie smilig at each other

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Brodie & Shailene | Saskatoon Island Engagement | Kayla Lynn Photography

photos with shailene and brodie under wrapped around blanket at saskatoon island provincial park in grande prairie wembly with wedding photographer

I am so excited to share with you this dreamy, snow-filled fall engagement session with you all!!  Combined with this photogenic couple, full of adventure and love, I knew this session was going to be one of my favorites.

It was so special to photograph their engagement session in the SAME location where Brodie proposed to Shailene.  Over a year ago, this sweet couple decided to go for a morning hike, at one of their favorite gems, near Grande Prairie, Saskatoon Island. They even decided to pack their cat Maggie and have Shailene’s sister and her husband tag along, too.  As they were hiking along the path, they decided to stop at the red picnic table to take a mini break.  This is also one of their favorite spots for a spectacular lake view.  Brodie asked to take a picture with Shailene, but in reality, this was to prepare Shailene’s sister to capture the proposal video!  Seconds later, Brodie was on one knee and of course, Shailene said “Yes!”.

As we were nearing the end of their engagement session, I knew we had to go for a mini hike to capture some photos, at the same location that Brodie proposed to Shailene.  I am so glad we did!  The weather was slightly moody, yet so beautiful.  Brodie definitely chose the most perfect place to propose to Shailene, over a year ago.

Every minute of my time spent with Brodie and Shailene, makes me even more excited for their wedding at Serenity Acres, followed by Demmitt Hall, where they will celebrate with their guests!  I love their beautiful smiles, their love for adventure and their kind hearts and their love for cats.  We all like cats, haha! 

Brodie and Shailene, we are so excited to capture your big day in 2021!  I hope you love these images as much as I do.  Let the countdown to your wedding begin!

couple engagement photos at saskatoon island lake provincial park on the dog kissing and wrapped in a blanket with stripesengagement photos in wembly with photographer and brodie and shailene wearing light blue long sleeve shirt and cream cute adorable engagement photos at saskatoon island in grande prairie and area with the wedding photographer very romantic fall winter vivescouple walking in the dead grassshailene smiling for their winter fall engagement photos sitting on a blanket shailene and brodie smilig at the camera light and airy wedding photography style captured in grande prairie alberta in the light golden grass for sitting photoscandid walking photos at saskatoon island wembly grande prairie wearing navy and green jacketscouple looking at saskatoon island lake in alberta where brodie first proposed to her in grande prairie

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Brandon & Cassidy | Sunflower Engagement Session | Kayla Lynn Photography

Oh friends, you are in for a treat today!  I absolutely loved photographing Brandon and Cassidy.  We has their engagement shoot scheduled in for a very long time, but it was worth the wait! The trees were full of colorful leaves and the light was incredibly glowing, that evening.  I don’t think it could have gotten better than that! 

You won’t believe this, especially after looking at their photos, but Cassidy and Brandon shared with me that this was their FIRST professional photo shoot together.  They also shared with me that they were a bit nervous beforehand.  I understand why – it’s always such an unknown to have your photos taken.  A lot of our couples rarely have their photos taken together beforehand, so I was excited to create something beautiful for them.  The best part? These two were absolute naturals in front of the camera! 

Everything about their session was a dream. Their contagious smiles, glowing light and bright yellow leaves.  Cassidy loves sunflowers, so she brought a small bouquet of them for their session.  Sometimes it’s the little props like that, that add just the right touch to a session!  I’m pretty sure our favorite moment was seeing Brandon chop the stems off a little shorter with his teeth, just for the photos.  It was hilarious!  I loved their dedication to get the perfect, dreamy engagement photos.

Cassidy and Brandon, thank you for having me capture these sweet memories!  You two are SO cute together and the camera just couldn’t get enough of you.  I am already excited for your wedding day in 2021.  I hope you love these photos as much as I loved photographing them for you.  Let the countdown begin to July!

fall engagement photos with photographer from grande prairie lots of yellow leaves and glow with brandon and cassidy wearing blue and greycassidy and branding tall grass yellow leaves for their engagement session along the south bear creek for photos in the fall romantic posebrandon and cassidy for their fall photos in grande prairie with sunflowers very photogenic couple standing belly button to belly button with yellow leaves glow in the background very beautiful and dreamysunflower engagement session with brandon and cassidy sittong on a blanket in the tall grass with yellow orange fall colors leaves in the background wearing blue shirt and grey dress

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Tayler & Chelsea | Jasper Engagement Photos | Kayla Lynn Photography

engagement photos in jasper alberta wiht chelsea and tayler with formal wear

Chelsea and Tayler are one of those couples you can’t help admiring and enjoying being around, because they are so well-suited to each other and such a beautiful couple! It would have been impossible to ask for a sweeter couple to photograph in the stunning mountains of Jasper!! They complement each other so well and are so full of joy and fun; our time together flew by so quickly because we spent so much of it laughing! Chelsea had so thoughtfully picked out multiple beautiful outfits that were so well-coordinated and photographed like a dream, and they purposefully bought flowers just to accessorize the ring shots!! It was so lovely to photograph a couple who was so invested in the process and took such care to make their engagement session as special as possible, and Chelsea’s hairstylist absolutely outdid herself with Chelsea’s gorgeous updo. These two were also up for anything; they were so willing to try out new poses and locations even when they had no idea what to expect! I think it’s safe to say that their willingness paid off because we are so in love with how their photographs turned out!!

The story of Tayler’s proposal to Chelsea was also so sweet! Tayler & Chelsea met in high school but didn’t start dating until college, and they had been dating for several years before Tayler decided that now was the right time to propose! Chelsea was away visiting her family and Tayler came to join her around a week later, and little did she know that in that timeframe he had bought a ring! When Tayler arrived he asked Chelsea’s father for his permission to marry her, and from that point on her dad became an accomplice in all Tayler’s proposal plans! Chelsea started to get suspicious when Tayler asked her to dress up nice and do her hair, but when he led her out into her parent’s beautiful backyard and proposed amidst an abundance of flowers all other thoughts flew from her mind! Her parents were both there to witness this beautiful moment, and her mom was so caught by surprise that she kept asking, “Is this really happening?!” And it really was!!

Chelsea & Tayler, it was wonderful getting to meet you both and I feel so honored to be your photographer during such a precious time in your lives!! It’s clear to see that you two are so in love and will take the world by storm! I hope you love your images as much as I loved taking them; you two are truly something special! I can’t wait to photograph your wedding next summer!!

Enjoy a few of our favorites from your beautiful session!

engagement photos in jasper mountains with chelsea and tayler with wedding photographer with light and airy stylecreative mountain photo in jasper with lake and sand with chelsea and tayler joyful happy couple mountain jasper engagement photos smiling with mountains in the background greeneryclose up photo with formal wear walking photo with light and airy jasper alberta photographer with mountains in the background wearing floral dress formal floral dress engagement photos in alberta with rocks and lake in the background very happy and candid beautiful mountain engagement wedding photos in jasper with light sand and mountains in the background with lake location couple walking near jasper lake for their engagement photos on the light sand with jasper photographer holding arm happy and smiling

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Kim & Jerrica | Alberta Wedding Photographer | Kayla Lynn Photography

photos with jim and jerrica in banff jasper national park in canada with their wedding and engagement photographer lots of light creams and dusty blue colors at lake minnewankaNot that long ago, we were all sitting at Jeffery’s Cafe, chatting about all the exciting plans ahead for Kim’s and Jerrica’s big day. As we sat together, I found out that they had nearly been 9 years together.  Only 10 minutes into getting to know these two, I already knew how perfect these two are for each other. They told me all about how they first met at work, in the Philippines, then dated long distance across the world for a full year. How Kim surprised Jerrica with flower petals, chocolate, but more importantly, a shiny new ring that would change their lives forever! 

Since the first day we met, Kim & Jerrica made it very clear they wanted their engagement portraits in the Canadian Rockies, shot by the crystal clear blue water. A couple months later, I received the news that Kim and Jerrica had to postpone their 9th year anniversary/wedding to a later date, in hopes to celebrate their special day with more family and friends.  So what did we do on their 9th year anniversary / wedding date, instead? We all packed our bags, traveling to one of those beautiful places in the world, to capture their engagement portraits… in Banff! There couldn’t have been a better way to celebrate their original wedding date AND 9th year anniversary, all at the same time.

Everything about their engagement session was so beautiful, in so many ways. Jerrica had a fresh bouquet of flowers made by the talented Willow Flower Co, a dusty blue skirt (snagged from my client closet) and perfectly coordinated outfits to pop against the scenic Lake Minnewanka location in Banff.  Above all, what stood out to me the most, was Kim’s and Jerrica’s love and commitment for one another. Over the last few months, so much has changed with our current covid situation. But what didn’t change is how deeply in love these two are, and that’s all I needed to make these portraits happen! 

Kim and Jerrica, you two are the sweetest!  I loved every minute having you in front of my camera, for your 9 year anniversary-engagement, and it makes me even more excited for your Millwood Country Inn wedding, in just a few more months. Here are some of my favorites from our time together,  in the mountains. I hope you love them as much as I do!!

engagement photos session at banff lake minnewanka bride wearing tulle skirt for their wedding very romantic and scenic location in alberta canadian rockies wearing blue tulle skirtlake minnewanka engagement session with the mountains in alberta banff simialr to jasper area with their wedding photographer wide angle shot wearing dusty bluebanff engagement session looking at the clear blue mountains and water wearing very fancy clothing suite and dusty blue dress skirt with bouquet by willow flower co in banff blue tulle skirt with canadian rocky mountains bride and her engagement photos flying in the air dress shot photoskim and jerrica close up smiling photo holding hands with mountains in the background for their engagement session holding bridal bouquetbride holding bouquet made by willow flower co. very stunninggroom kissing bride's hand with mountains in the background in banff canadian rockies with their wedding photographer that captured it allbride for their engagement session with light rock with dusty blue skirt holding a bouquet with bunny tail and greenery made by the willow flower corose gold engagement ring very happy couple smilingh at the camera close up bride holding bouquet made by willow flower co in banfflake minnewanka engagement photos of kim and jerrica for their engagement session with light mountains and rock in the background wide angle shot very romantic for their anniversary photosjasper banff national park engagement photographer with photos in canada with kim and jerrica with the mountains in the background very beautiful with dusty blue and light color tones holding a bouquet brie and groom arm around each other looking at the mountains Philippino couple

Loved working with this creative team!

Hair & Makeup – Lilies & Lace Beauty Co. 

Bouquet – Willow Flower Co.


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Eric & Lindsay | Grande Prairie Wedding Photographer | Kayla Lynn Photography

I am so excited to share with you Mr. Goodwin’s and Lindsay’s engagement session!  I say “Mr. Goodwin” because he was my computers teacher, in high school!  Mr. Goodwin was always such an encouragement when it came to challenging my skills as a photographer, provincially and nationally, throughout my high school years.  I always say if it weren’t for such encouraging family, teachers and friends, my life may look different than it is; They are all a part of the reason why I am a photographer today.  Now, years later, I am absolutely happy to see Mr. Goodwin engaged to his beautiful fiancé, Lindsay! 

Their session was calling for lightning, high winds and rain, so I secretly prayed that the rain would hold off for us.  Rain or shine, these two were excited to spend time together to get their portraits done, especially since their wedding will be here very soon. The best part?  Throughout our whole time together, there wasn’t a single drop off rain.  We couldn’t have asked for better!

These two found each other through their jobs, as teachers.  At the perfect time, they found their soulmate.  It’s obvious when you’re around these two, they are such an amazing pair!  They are both so calm and easy going, they made my job feel so easy through their relaxed personalities!

Mr. Goodwin and Lindsay, I am SO excited for your wedding day!  You two are such a joy to be around.  Your wedding day will be here before we know it, and I cannot wait to do this all over again, on your special day.  Enjoy some of my favorites! 😃

south bear creek engagement photos with mr goodwin and lindsay outdoor with their wedding photographer bridge is in the backgroundsummer engagement photos at the south bear creek in grande prairie tall grass and dress poka dot dresssmiling at the camera for their engagement photos eric and lindsay for their sessionfiance walking holding hands for their engagement photos with trees in the background walking in tall grass with a very light and airy style located in grande prairie at the parkengagement photos with lindsay and eric wearing blue and black poka dot dress with healssouth bear creek engagement photos with lindsay and eric creative photos with bridge trees and beautiful view


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