August 3, 2017
grande prairie engagement kayla lynn photographer photography couple
Colby + Robyn
A few nights ago I had the pleasure of capturing Colby’s and Robyn’s engagement session in Grande Prairie. These two are just th...
June 19, 2017
Mark + Janaya
Mark's and Janaya's wedding was the first wedding of the year 2017 and it was such a joy capturing this special day for the two ...
March 21, 2017
Top 10 Questions to ask your wedding photographer in grande prairie alberta in Canada.
Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Photographer
This is probably your first time hiring a professional photographer for your wedding day. You may not know where to begin, o...
September 15, 2016
Man giving a kiss on his wives forehead. Beautiful, natural and modern couple photography portrait.
What to Wear
What to Wear  - 3 Easy Steps Let's admit it  - There are a bijillion outfits, color combinations, accessories and patterns to c...
September 5, 2016
Sharra + Rex
As of September 5th, 2015 Sharra and Rex made their vows and married each other. A true love they have for each other bonded the...
August 26, 2016
Shauna + James
Okay, so I am just going to admit it - This is probably one of my most favorite wedding to date!! I have known Shauna and James ...