March 2, 2023

5 Best Tips For The Best Photographs On Your Wedding Day

Years from now, when you are flipping through your wedding album, we want you to have a beautiful collection of photographs that displays your love for each other and the people that you care about most.

I made this guide to help you get the most out of your photography experience.

After photographing weddings for several years, I know what it takes to get all the beautiful photos you dreamed of having, so I am happy to share what it takes! 


Getting to Know YOU

We understand the importance of truly getting to know what couples want in with their photos. Each couple has their own unique wants, needs and values so it’s important that your photographer helps discover what that means for you! When we meet with couples, even before booking us, we want to get to know you and the kind of photos you are drawn to. Of course, it’s almost impossible to cover everything within that initial meeting, so it’s important that your photographer creates opportunities to  really get to know you after the initial consultation, before your wedding day ever begins. Communication is key! 


Dreamy Light

One of the most important things when it comes to your wedding photography is the lighting. It’s the secret to incredible photography. 

Natural light is so dreamy. For your photographs, you are going to want to utilize it as much as possible such as your portraits, family formals, bridal party photos and more.

Although natural light truly allows for some of the dreamiest photographs, there are often situations where some of your most important memories will be captured indoors, which is usually the getting ready, ceremony and reception coverage. For indoor photography where natural light is often non-existent, the best photographers know how to utilize professional lighting at ease for indoor photos, resulting in consistent and authentic photographs! 

steven and gina walking down ceremony aisle with conffeti in front of white church at tp creek wedding venue


Unplugged Ceremony

Unplugged Ceremonies have become increasingly popular! It’s the best way to ensure your guests are present, result in iPhone-free photographs! We live in a digital age where it’s so easy for almost anyone to whip out their phone and photos for their Facebook or Instagram. While it’s nice to get instant access photos, it can often be distracting seeing guests with their iPads from the edge of the aisle or phones in the view of the key moments the photographer strives to capture. 

To prevent this from happening, we highly encourage couples to communicate with guests to be present in the moment with phones set aside. We have also seen some really beautiful signage on Etsy or locally made that can be placed before your ceremony aisle. That way, you can really get the most out of your wedding photography and get the most beautiful photos from your ceremony, iPhone-free!

Afterall, you can always share your wedding images with your guests to enjoy and experience your day all over again!



When it comes to your photography, my best advice would be to have your locations as close to the venue as possible! This will truly allow you to get the most out of your photography experience and get good variety. This doesn’t mean you have to have all your portraits captured at the venue. In fact, we often capture some of your wedding memories outside of your venue.

If you are set on a location that requires extra driving, my best recommendation would be to discuss the timeline with your photographer and book extra time just for that so it doesn’t cut into other important moments of your day! 

If you are stuck on which locations to use, ask your photographer! Knowing what your values are as a couple, they can hopefully point you in the right direction that will tell your story perfectly. 

Another thing to keep in mind…. The most beautiful location doesn’t always mean you’re going to have the best photographs. Make sure you have an experienced and creative photographer who will use their lighting knowledge to create beautiful photographs regardless of the location you choose.



On your wedding day, one of my best advice is to enjoy. Enjoy your wedding day and remind yourself what this is all about. Slow down and soak in the moment. Enjoy your vows and what they mean. Enjoy the presence of all of your guests, and most importantly each other. When you’re fully engaged in the moment, it can bring out the best emotions. When you look at your photographs, you get to re-live all the memorable moments with the people you care about most.


When couples choose Kayla Lynn Photography, we’re committed to working one-on-one with the couples, so they don’t have to worry about their wedding photography experience. Couples can enjoy the peace of mind knowing they will have joyful and authentic photographs.

If you’d like to chat about your wedding day, feel free to send me an email through the contact form here – I’d love to chat!

I hope that you found my tips for getting the best photographs on your wedding day helpful!