May 3, 2018

4 Tips For a Stress Free Wedding Day

As wedding season is quickly approaching, I thought I’d share with you brides my top four tips for a stress free wedding day. I always want the best for my couples, so it’s important to guide brides the best I can. I can’t wait to share these four tips with you!!

  1. Prepare ahead of time

It is so important to prepare ahead of time so that the wedding day runs as smoothly as possible. As a photographer, my best tip is if there is anything you would love photographed to always gather and prepare the items well ahead of time so that you don’t feel rushed on your wedding day. Brides, gather your special items in one spot (usually in a shoe box), so when I arrive to your getting ready room, I can capture all the details you’ve spent so much time thinking about and planning for. Gather the dress, shoes, full invitation suit, boutonnieres, perfume, rings, any family heirlooms or any other bridal details you want photographed. And from there, I will begin styling your details that help tell your wedding story. If you don’t have these things ready, I might have to spend more time finding everything, which I could instead be capturing your pretty details! Being organized ahead of time, will benefit both you and me and will allow for a stress free start of your special day!


  1. Have a schedule and communicate it

It is so important to me that all my Kayla Lynn Brides are provided with an organized wedding day schedule. That way you have all those beautiful photos you’ve been dreaming about, all while having in between time to spend time with your wedding guest and your partner. Also, having a first look will add so much more time to your wedding day too, and allow for a timeline to spend more time with your guests too! It is also so important to communicate your wedding day timeline with your guests and vendors ahead of time so that they know what to expect. If you need your bridal party gathered up for some portraits, or perhaps you need your parents to show up to the wedding ceremony a little earlier, make sure to tell them so they know what to expect. This will allow everyone to be on schedule and you won’t have to spend time tracking them down! Photos will go so much faster with an organized schedule and communicating between your guests!


  1. Hire a professional makeup artist

Hiring a professional makeup artist is so important for your wedding day as it will affect the way your images look. A professional makeup artist understands how to apply your makeup, bringing out stunning detail with flattering shadows and highlights in your wedding photos. Make sure you do a makeup trial ahead of time to ensure you don’t feel any irritation with the products being used! Keep in mind most makeup artist take about 30-45 minutes per person, so it’s important you communicate with your makeup artist how many bridesmaids will need their makeup done, as well as the time you need to leave for your first look or wedding ceremony. If your makeup artist does not know what time you need to leave, she might not have your makeup finished on time. This will provide your makeup  artist an expectation of how long it will take, so she can finish up everyone’s makeup on time for all the important events!


  1. Be present

Your wedding day may feel like there is so many things happening at once. My best tip is to take moments where you are together, you stop and hold each others hands, and intentionally take in the moments. When I take photos for my couples, I remind them how special this time is for them to be together. It isn’t just about the photos, but to be fully present with one another. To hug each other, to look into each other’s eyes and to soak in all the emotion for this beautiful beginning together as husband and wife. Throughout the day, allow for little breaks so you can enjoy the moments with one another.

Your wedding day will be gone with a blink of an eye. It’s so important everything is organized ahead of time, so you can be fully be present on your wedding day. I don’t want you to worry about the cake, the flowers, the music or the decor on your wedding day – but rather to enjoy this time together being present in the moment for this beautiful beginning together. And when you apply these four tips, you will be on your way for a stress free wedding day!