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Grande Prairie Wedding PlannerTop 5 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding PlannerWedding Tips

why you need a wedding planner grande prairie wedding planner changing dreams to reality styled shoot

Hello! I am Rhonda, the owner of Changing Dreams to Reality, and I love all things related to weddings. Being a wedding planner was one of my dreams for many years, and now turning it into a reality has been a dream come true. I absolutely love meeting new people and working with brides to make their wedding day a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I first worked with Kayla from Kayla Lynn photography, three years ago while helping a friend with her daughter’s wedding. Since then, Kayla and I have worked together on some of the most amazing weddings and some very exciting projects.

There are so many things to think about when it comes to planning your wedding day. This may include choosing your vendors, the wedding day timeline and choosing your decor. Trying to plan all these things without a planner can feel overwhelming. My job as a planner is to guide couples, while also ensuring that every single detail leads to a perfect day! Things like table décor placement, head table placement and lighting are all part of my job as a planner. Just hearing “ Thank you, I wouldn’t have changed a thing about my day” is what makes my job worthwhile. If you are considering hiring a wedding planner for your big day, here are my top five reasons why I feel it is beneficial.

banff styled elopement with grande prairie alberta wedding planner at moraine lake with pretty vow books

  1. Saves Time and Stress – Planning a wedding consumes so much time, especially with work and  life in general. This season in your life is to enjoy being engaged and to not having to stress over every little detail.  A planner knows what needs to be done and the timeline to do it in. The fact that you don’t need to figure out all the details on your own will save you so much time and stress.

winter wedding couple in grande prairie for styled shoot with light pastel colors and veil from castapella

2. Keep you on Budget- Hiring a wedding planner may seem counterintuitive, however it will actually help you save money in the long run. A planner will work with you and figure out what is most important to you. They also know how to help you cut out the things that aren’t priority. Small decisions can add up to big savings. Wedding planners are familiar with costs in your area and vendors to help you stay within your budget.

modern and elegant winter wedding cake with gorgeous winter wedding couple in grande prairie alberta

3. Knowledge Base – In most cases this will be your first time planning a wedding. Your wedding planner will have an extensive knowledge base of vendors, industry experts, wedding etiquette and venues. They have planned and executed many weddings, and know what it takes to bring your wedding dreams to reality.

beautiful set design by changing dreams to reality in banff for elopement and kake by darci

4. Mediator – A wedding planner/coordinator can act as a mediator in any situation that may arise. They understand that it is impossible to please everyone all the time, especially when it comes to planning a wedding. A wedding planner is a neutral individual whom is safe to direct all questions, family members, vendors and guests to. It is much easier to just say, “Go ask my wedding planner.” and avoid any sticky situations with family or in laws.

mrs pretty light blue box grande prairie winter wedding with changing dreams to reality

5. Handle Crisis – When issues arise, they will be handled quickly and with care by your wedding planner. You may not even be aware the crisis happened. For this reason alone, a wedding planner is worth their weight in gold.

elegant invitation suite with flowers photographer captured detail photos for wedding in alberta banff

I really hope you enjoyed my top five reasons why it is so important to hire a planner for your special day. If you found this blog post helpful and are considering hiring a planner, please feel free to reach me through email at or message me on my Facebook Page to inquire. Let’s go for coffee and let’s bring your wedding dreams to reality!

What To Do With Your Wedding Photos

Waiting for your wedding photos are undoubtedly filled with anticipation. As your email inbox reads “Your photos are ready!”,  you are instantly excited to view all your wedding photos! Your photographer sends you a gallery full of BEAUTIFUL photos from your special day… everything from your wedding ceremony, the speeches, the dances and all the special memories in between. In this moment, seeing your images for the first time, is filled with so much excitement. You then go on sharing these photos with your closest family and friends. You save them on your phone, and even use one of them as a screensaver! Weeks, months  and sometimes even YEARS pass by, and not a single (or very few) photos have been printed. Life gets busy. While there is nothing wrong with storing your photos online or on a USB, your images deserve more than that. You invested thousands into these precious memories. They deserve to be printed, displayed in your own home. Give them as gifts or let your vision come to life!

Sometimes it’s easy to lose the motivation to print your own photos because there are simply SO many options when it comes to displaying them in your home. It can feel simply overwhelming. The main goal of this blog post is to educate couples which photo products create the most IMPACT! Instead of feeling overwhelmed and thinking about ALL the possibilities, let’s think of products every couple needs after their wedding day! Here are some ways you can starts displaying and printing your wedding photos:

1.Print a Large Canvas!

Printing a large canvas will undoubtedly, create the most impact in your home. What is the one image from your wedding day you can’t live without? Get it printed!  Your photo will create a great first impression when guests first walk into your home. Make sure to display your canvas in a visible area to maximize its impact. Maybe it’s in your entrance, the wall beside your kitchen table or above the couch in your living room. Since you are going to want to create a great first impression, I recommend printing your canvas in 24×36 or 18×24! Not only will this large canvas decorate your wall beautifully, but 24×36 or 18×24 is also a very common framing size. Micheal’s has a great collection of frames to add to your canvas and put everything together for a very small fee.

If one large canvas is not enough, you can also make a photo collage around that ONE photo you absolutely love!

2.Decorate your Side Tables

As much as I believe EVERY home should have at LEAST one very large canvas displayed on the wall, use your wedding photos as an opportunity to decorate your side tables. These photos don’t create the same “wow” effect as your large canvas, but it is mostly used to decorate the smaller areas of your home. Think of five photos you absolutely love, and get them printed! I recommend the sizes 5×7 or 8×10 for these smaller decorative framed prints. Use them to decorate your nightstand beside your bed, the side tables beside your couch, or even in your bathroom. Again, Michael’s has a very large selection of 5×7 and 8×10 frames to choose from, so you can choose a frame that fits the aesthetic of your home.

3. Get a High Quality Custom Photo Album

As a photographer, I believe that couples should make their photography and wedding album a top priority.  After the big day is over, you will leave your reception with a spouse and your pictures…. that’s it! All of that planning and preparation is over in a matter of hours!  So if you’re choosing to invest in high quality photography, those images deserve a classy, elegant home after the wedding. Many professional wedding photographers will help you with the designing process. I offer high end, leather bound Albums for my wedding clients.  The images are printed straight onto thick pages and the covers are wrapped with top grain leather. This is the perfect ending to The Wedding Experience and it’s a keepsake that you will be showing your children and grandchildren one day. A lot of my couples pre-purchase a wedding album, so that they can leave the designing process up to me! If you want to see what our beautiful high quality wedding albums look like, please feel free to visit the blog post HERE!

thick pages smooth mat photo album high quality with custom photo on the front of the kelowna alberta wedding couples with top grain genuine leather kayla lynn photography

4. Gift Your Wedding Photos!

There is no better way than to gift your wedding photos to your closest family members. Most couples gift a parents album to their grandparents and parents! Parent albums come in the sizes 6×6 or 8×8, and make the most perfect gift! The best part is since parent albums will normally come in the EXACT same layout as your own wedding album, some photographers are able to provide special discount when you order more than one parent album.

5. Make Thank You Cards!

Whether your wedding day was small & intimate or you had lots of guests that came along to celebrate this special day with the two of you, sending a thank you card is the best way to show your appreciation and love for them! Pick 1-3 of your favorite wedding photos and write a sweet message to go along with it. Also, your guests will LOVE having your card displayed on their fridge!

I hope this blog post has been helpful to you as you begin to print your wedding photos! If I have photographed YOUR wedding day and you would still like to get some products printed, I offer a collection of prints, canvas and high quality leather albums. Just let me know, and we can start discussing on how we can create beautiful art in your home!

TuscanyItalian Inspired WeddingDestination Wedding Photographer

alberta destination photographer in italy tusany with mark and janaya with lots of luch greenery it is very romantic wedding photos for this grande prairie couple

This Tuscany wedding inspired shoot was absolutely breathtaking. The light colored brick, a path to walk on, rich greenery and amazing architecture brought a very light and airy feel to the images. This unique location is located here in Alberta, however for anyone wanting to book a photographer for their Italian wedding (or any destination really!), I am always up for travel to amazing wedding destinations like this! If you have been following me for a while, you may also notice that this Tuscany wedding inspired shoot is also featured in my new promo video with Bread & Wine Films! If you haven’t seen the video yet, I have linked it below this blog post for you to view!

We did a full combination of photos in front of this beautiful Tuscany building, on a balcony with the appearance of a castle (my favorite), as well as some indoor getting ready and detail photos. The bouquet made by the Enchanting Bouquet was full of lush greenery, paired with light pink berries and blush roses. I especially loved including The Enchanting Bouquet flowers in the bridal details, displayed next to an elegant stationery design by 24th Ave Designs. These wedding vendors are so incredibly gifted at what they do. One of the reasons why it is so important for me to capture a bride’s details, is so I can curate the images in her own wedding album! Not only that, but as a photographer, I understand how special it is to have all of the details that she spent so much time thinking about, captured.

Enjoy scrolling through the photos!

bride getting ready in a beautiful tuscany italy wedding with her badgley mischka wedding blush shoes bridal detail photos in italy destination wedding photographer with bridal bouquet indoors from the enchanting bouquet and shoes bride and groom in italy tuscany grande prairie alberta with their invitation suit from 24th ave designs bride getting ready indoor tuscany italy building with her wedding dress earrings bride and groom romantic photo in italy tuscany grande prairie alberta canada with light colored brick in the background close up photo wedding photographerbride dress phtoos with flowers fro the enchanting bouquet blue thistle beautiful place cards 24th ave designs on light blush pink fabric and flowers from the enchanting bouquet with anemones silver dollar destination alberta wedding photographer wedding photos in italy tuscany with cream light colred brick bridal detail photos with blush badgley mischka wedding shoes with flowers and tulle tuscany italy wedding photos with elegant couple in front of light brick wall with lots of greenery destination wedding photographer couple is walking on a path and doing romantic pose suit from edward's factory outletsilver wedding rings displayed beautifully brown door tuscany italy wedding couple standing in front of the door and walking on a path with lots of greenery amazing blush pink and dusty blue wedding stationary made by 24th ave designs for tuscany italy bllush pink anemone layflat details for mark and janaya mark and janaya in italy tuscany with their destination wedding photographer bride wearing white dress and light brick wall in the background. vines and lots of greenery surrounds them as they stand on a path. canada

The Wedding Experience


Special thanks to all the amazing vendors who were a part of these one-of-a-kind Tuscany inspired wedding shoot!

Floral Design – The Enchanting Bouquet

Videographer – Bread & Wine Films

Stationary – 24th Ave Designs

Makeup – Makeup By Lina

Hair – Victoria Brandma Hair (from Salon West)

Men’s Suit – Edward’s Factory Outlet

Shoes – Badgley Mischka Shoes

Styled Elopement in AlbertaRex + JadeKleskun Hills Grande Prairie

Rex and Jade’s romantic styled elopement has been recently published on Knots Villa Weddings, and we couldn’t be more excited for this feature! So many amazing vendors came together and brought this beautiful vision to life. Not only did these two receive gorgeous photos captured with just the two of them together, Bread & Wine Films captured their story perfectly, too! You can watch their elopement video attached to this blog!

This gorgeous styled elopement took place in the badlands at Kleskun Hills, Located in Alberta. Kleskun Hills is the perfect spot for an intimate elopement with sandy hills and beautiful light. The inspiration was based using blush pink tones with a hint of lavendar. Bling Out Parties created the most stunning cascading bouquet, while also providing a garland for the table mixed with succulents, lavender and greenery. Every detail chosen for this shoot all fell together beautifully. The antique blush pink couch was so elegant paired up with a beautiful couple and gown from Castaspella Boutique. The dress included long tulle and lace, it was such a dream to photograph. The cake featured on the sweets table was full of white and blush pink flowers. I especially loved the unique gold chairs and decor featured on the sweetheart table – A fresh garland, gold candle sticks and light chiffon fabric. All these details led to the perfect elegant styled elopement.

Scroll down below to view some of my favorites! The details put together by all the vendors is something you’ve never seen before. Absolutely breathtaking. Special thanks to all the lovely vendors involved. We couldn’t have brought this vision to life without you!

rex groom sitting on blush pink couch farm house vintage rentals in grande prairie wedding photographer shoes and details with bling out parties florals beautiful dress from castaspella boutique n grande prairie gold dress hanger with grennery rex and jade reading their wedding vows during their grande prairie kleskun hills elopement with blush pink couch at kleskun hills beautiful invitation suite by 24th ave designs blush with a bit of greenery from bling out parties and mrs blush ring box bling out parties designs and florals with rex and jade sitting on couch wedding elopement at kleskun hills grande prairie alberta grande prairie elopement photography with jade and rex at kleskun hills with big bridal bouquet in alberta and dress from castaspellaelegant blush pink sweetheart table for styled elopement wedding at kleskun hills with gold chiavari chairs drumheller and chiffon and greenery garland bride eating donut with gold chiavari chairs elopement in grande prairie alberta at kleskun hills rex and jade romantic blush wedding with farm house vintage rentals blush pink couch in grande prairie alberta bride jade with gold chiavari chairs with blush pink romantic chiffon and hair by victoria brandsmahair bride with dress from castaspellas in grande prairie alberta and big bridal bouquet from jen bling out parties boho lace white dress at kleskun hills kleskun hills bride and groom for their styled elopement reading vows groom vow book grey romantic wedding photography at kleskun hills for style elopement close up with jade and rex blush pink couch mint green dresser from farm house vintage rentals with jade and cake carmens craz cakes in grande prairie sweets table ade and rex sitting at table smiling and holding hands with plates with blush pink decor and gold accentsrex and jade close up with bridal bouquet during their style elopement hair headpeice made by victoria brandsma hair from salon west at kleskun hills wedding elopement in grande prairie alberta canada photography rex and jade smiling on the blush pink couch with vintage couch blush pink

Video made by Bread & Wine Films!


All the lovely vendors that made this styled elopement possible!

Photography – Kayla Lynn Photography

Videography – Bread & Wine Films

Floral Design – Bling Out Parties

Rentals – Farm House Vintage Rentals 

Invites – 24th Ave Designs

Hair  – Victoria Brandsma Hair  (Salon West)

Makeup – Makeup by Lina

Rings – Janina’s Jewellers

Cake – Carmen’s CraZ Cakes

Shoes – Badgley Mischka

Dress – Castaspella Boutique 

Fairview WeddingKarl + KatelynVictorian House Wedding

beautiful wedding photographer in fairview grande prairie photographer with karl and katelyn vow renewal fall wedding photos with lots of elegant victorian details and shoes and yellow house

It was such a joy capturing Karl’s and Katelyn’s gorgeous vow renewal,  here in Canada, this past weekend. This adorable couple in love got married in England, exactly one year ago, so having a vow renewal was the perfect way to celebrate with those who didn’t make it on their wedding day!

Karl and Katelyn originally choose to have their vow renewal in Chicago. However due to unforeseen circumstances, it was not possible to have their wedding there. As a result, they choose to have their wedding, here in Canada, instead. In only one week, they found the most perfect venue, hired a photographer and planned all the details from centerpieces, flowers, chairs, tables, linens and extra cute decorative items. When I saw all the details that went into the planning of their wedding day, I could hardly believe all of this was planned in only ONE week!!

The venue was one of the most beautiful venues I have ever photographed at, located at a bed and breakfast in Fairview. The beautiful property included lots of trees, a white modern barn and a yellow victorian house (my favorite). Not to mention, the interior of the house was a dream to photograph their getting ready portraits. This included white walls, a crystal chandelier, gorgeous light and an emerald green couch. I also LOVED Katelyn’s wedding dress with polka dot patterns and light fabric flowing effortlessly in the wind.

Karl and Katelyn, thank you so much for trusting me in capturing your vow renewal. I was so happy to have been available on your special day and capturing the special moments that mean most to you. It was amazing. And for only meeting you two once, I could tell how perfect you two are for each other. You two are such a fun and sweet couple!! I wish you two all the happiness in the world as you continue and begin this exciting journey!

Your photographer,


elegant wedding photographer photography located in fairview bnb oliver wedding shoes bride getting ready white white walls and victorian vintage green couch bride getting ready at olivers bnb wedding in the getting ready room in fairview alberta red dress and wedding dress grande prairie wedding photographer in fairview alberta bride with orange wedding flowers with fall trees and victorian house in the background

Recently engaged and needing some beautiful photos captured on your wedding day? I’d love to work with you! Contact me now to set up a session or to see if I am available on your wedding date!

I’m currently booking weddings and engagement for 2019 and 2020!

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Wedding AlbumsCustom Wedding AlbumsAlberta Wedding Photographer

thick genuine leather photo album with grande prairie alberta wedding photographer kayla lynn photography with super thick pages and a custom photo on the front

I loved designing this beautiful high quality wedding album from Mark’s and Janaya’s wedding day, and I couldn’t be more happy on how it turned out! With each photo printed on smooth thick spreads and wrapped in top grain leather, these albums are the most special keepsake for any couples wedding day!

After the wedding day is over, I most often find that putting together a wedding album is hard for most couples. It takes a creative eye, patience and being able to curate the images in a beautiful and meaningful way. And most often, attempting to create an album with so many things on the go isn’t always possible. I realize most times couples need someone who will take care of everything, so that they don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to creating and designing their own wedding album. Which is why I offer the whole wedding album experience for my couples, so they can leave the album designing and creating process up to me!

Wedding albums are amazing because they tell your story as a couple in a beautiful tangible way. So that one day they will be left as a special keepsake to show your children and grandchildren one day!

These wedding albums are so gorgeous!! The leather is SO soft in texture, and smells good too!

thick genuine leather wedding photo album made by kayla lynn photography is beautiful and a special keepsake

The pages are super thick and are SO smooth! I have never felt an album so smooth with the thickest pages in my entire life!

flipping through the colorful thick photo pages of kayla lynn photography photo album fine art

These albums are made from the highest quality material. The leather is absolutely stunning and have smooth modern edges in each corner.

close up on the genuine leather photo album fine art

Each wedding album comes with your favorite custom photo from your wedding day on the front of the page.

thick pages smooth mat photo album high quality with custom photo on the front of the kelowna alberta wedding couples with top grain genuine leather kayla lynn photography

Each page has a smooth matt feel. It feels great holding these albums and feeling the smooth texture as you flip each custom page!

bridal bride getting ready details in the wedding genuine leather photo album in kelowna grande prairie photographer for weddings flipping through kayla lynn photography photo album thick pages and smooth mat pages

The colors are vibrant and print beautifully!

happy bridal portraits in kelowna in the wedding album printed on thick pages wedding party in the photo album vibrant wedding colors of wedding day couple portraits in kelowna okanagan wedding album thick pages

I really love everything about this album!! It is so special to be offering this service and one of a kind product to my couples!

Recently engaged and needing some beautiful photos captured on your wedding day? I’d love to work with you! Contact me now to set up a session or to see if I am available on your wedding date!

I’m currently booking weddings and engagement for 2019 and 2020!

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Lake Minnewanka BanffJames + Shauna2 Year Anniversary Photos

cute couple taking engagement photos with photographer wedding in banff and jasper at lake minnewankaFor those who have been asking me recently if I travel outside of Grande Prairie to do wedding, elopement or couple photos, my answer is YES! Some of those places include Jasper, Banff, the West Coast or even outside of Canada too! When Shauna and James were open to doing their anniversary photos in Banff, I was so excited to capture these photos for them! Clear blue water, fresh mountain air, light colored rocks and a gorgeous mountain backdrop, I knew this was going to make for some magazine worthy images. Jame’s navy blue suit, Shauna’s long blush pink chiffon dress and Wild Magnolia Floral’s gorgeous bouquet added a romantic, dreamy and elegant feel. James and Shauna love to hike in the mountains, so I knew they were going to LOVE having their photos taken in Banff, too!

I always find it amazing that the mountains live just a short distance away from Grande Prairie, while people from all across the world come to visit this beautiful place on earth, here in Alberta. The views are truly beautiful. We captured James and Shauna’s anniversary photos at Lake Minnewanka in Banff, and I am so glad we did! There is so much to explore, and everywhere you turn, there is always something new to discover. I could take photos there again, and the images would still have a new, fresh feel.

As much as my heart was overjoyed by the beautiful scenery in their photos, the part I love most was capturing real love and true joy between this couple since their wedding two years ago. It was refreshing capturing their love for adventure, while letting their personalities shine through these images. Thank you for the fun adventure, James & Shauna! Happy 2nd anniversary!

romantic couple photo with blush pink dress and wedding flowers at lake minnewanka sitting on rock by wild magnolia flower based in calgary and banff photos ake minnewanka photo for engagement beautiful rock and mountains blue water in the background perfect for the wedding photographer classy lake minnewanka photos in jasper and banff alberta photos elegant wedding engagement photo at lake minnewanka with couple on the rock bride wearing blush pink dress and groom navy suit next to the mountains and the rocks elegant wedding engagement photo at lake minnewanka with couple on the rock bride wearing blush pink dress and groom navy suit next to the mountains and the rocks lake minnewanka banff engagement photos couple standing and walking on the rocks with fancy and classy outfits for photos minnewanka lake engagement photos next to the mountains and water in banff and jasper clear blue with rocks and light pink blush dress shauna ands james standing on the rocks at lake minnewanka for their anniversary and engagement photos wearing classy elegant chiffon blush dress and navy blue suit in the mountains in banff and jasper banff canada photographer minnewanka lake with shauna and james and wildd magnolia flowers and beautiful mountains and clear blue water rocks photography of engagement at lake minnewanka banff and jasper with light rock and clear blue water very romantic photos happy bride with her wedding flwoers by wild magnolia floral and blush pink dress in the mountains at lake minnewanka photographer grande prairie little bird standing on the rocks and clear blue water at lake minnewanka in banff jasper beautiful photographer engagement photos in banff at lake minnewanka with romantic couple blush pink dress and a beautiful mountain backdrop with light rocks in canada best places for photos lake minnewanka bridal photo with flowers wild magnolia floral on light rock and full dress blush chiffon mountain backdropshauna and james at minnewanka lake for their anniversary photos with grande prairie photographer kayla lynn photography banff mountains photos jasper banff anniversary canada photographer with scenery photo of mountains at lake minnewanka banff and alberta couple wedding and engagement photographer at lake minnewanka with light blush pink chiffon dress and flowers by wild magnolia floral lake minnewanka on the rocks couple looking at the mountain hugging very cute with the trees in the background facign the mountains bride in her fairytale mountain photo with friendly photogenic bird in the water blush pink dress at lake minnewanka shauna and james nuzzle close up photo in the mountains for anniversary photos blue water in the background banff and jasper alberta wedding photographer with minnewanka lake and wild magnolia flowers and light rocks with gorgeous mountains and scenery bets place in the world for photos shauna and james at minnewanka lake in banff for their wedding and engagement photos minnewanka lake for the photos wedding and engagenent beach light rock in canada best places for photos grande prairie photographer minnewanka lake for wedding and engagement photos couple walking for their anniversary and engagement photos at lake minnewanka posing on the rock and trees forest couple in the mountains for engagement alberta photographer kissing at minnewanka lake

Thanks to the vendors who made these photos beautiful!

Floral Design – Wild Magnolia Floral

Planning & Coordination – Changing Dreams to Reality

Suit – Edward’s Factory Outlet

Recently engaged and needing some beautiful photos captured? I’d love to work with you! Contact me now to set up a session or to see if I am available on your wedding date!

I’m currently booking weddings and engagement for 2019 and 2020!

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Grande PrairieKevin + TaylorEvergreen Park Wedding

kayla lynn photography grande prairie wedding photographer for kevin and taylors wedding day at clarkson hall fall

With fall colors beginning to appear in the Grande Prairie area, I knew Kevin’s and Taylor’s wedding was going to be beautiful, at the Clarkson Hall wedding venue. It was such a joy being invited to capture Kevin’s and Taylor’s special day. These two are selfless and have the most kindest hearts. They are always so full of joy, and I can honestly say these two are so meant for each other! Capturing the whole day from start to finish, and getting to know their sweet family and friends was such an honor.

Rain WAS in the forecast for Kevin’s and Taylor’s special day… about 10-20mm and high winds to be exact. In result, we had a couple backup plans in case the high winds and rain was too much for photos. It had rained HEAVY earlier that morning. Even certain areas of Grande Prairie was flooded. Once it came to their getting ready photos, the rain had dried, while the sun was out and shining beautifully. I am not sure how this changed so suddenly, but I am so thankful these two were able to enjoy a part of their day outside for all of their wedding photos!

It was is so evident Kevin & Taylor are loved by the sweet family and friends who came to celebrate with them on their wedding day. Their bridal party was super fun and I love their sense of humor. Each and every one of them made Kevin’s and Taylor’s bright and so full of joy! On their wedding day, I felt more than just being a wedding photographer, but a friend capturing and celebrating one of the best days of their life alongside of them.

Taylor expressed to me sharing a first look with her father and mother before the wedding ceremony was very important to her. Her parents standing in their living room, excited to see their soon-to-be married daughter for the first time. Soon, Taylor walked down the stairs in her beautiful and elegant wedding dress. Instantly, her father’s and mother’s smiles brightened the room. Full of tears of joy in this moment, all three hugged each other closely.  It was truly an honor being invited to capture this beautiful moment shared between Taylor and her Parent’s.

Kevin and Taylor, your love for one another is so beautiful, and I am so incredibly thankful being invited to capture your special day. It was an honor. I wish you two all the best as husband and wife! Enjoy some of my many favorites from your special day! 🙂

bride getting ready on her wedding day taylor very elegant silver wedding shoes bride getting ready earringsbride shoes detail photos very light and airy romantic in alberta with silver wedding rings toobride holding glass of wine and also bride and groom at clarkson hall for their bride and groom photosbride and groom wedding ring black and white on a mrs box elegant wedding hanger and shoes on taylors getting ready photos gold wedding hanger wedding groomsmen group photo at clarkson hall in black and white getting readygrande prairie wedding photographer photos taken at clarkson hall bride ring white dress and couple smiling bride and groom with their dunvegan flowers for wedding photos at clarkson hall at evergreen parkdunvegan gardens wedding blush flowers cascading bouquet grande prairie bride and grom smiling for photos at clarkson hall groom putt on a bow tie at clarkson hall

We then headed out to a beautiful location with colorful leaves!dunvegan gardens flowers for weddings and beautiful fall colors for couple photos of taylor and kevingroup photo of taylors bridesmaids at clarkson hall kayla lynn photography grande prairie wedding photographer captured kevin and taylor on special day in fall yellow colorful trees bride and groom in the fall wedding photos close up smiling nuzzle bride and groom in the colorful fall trees in grande prairie hair by victoria brandsma hair of the yellow fall leaves bride and groom yellow clarkson hall photos of bride taylor and groom taylor at clarkson hall grande prairie wedding photography at clarskon hall with kvein and taylor very romantic and elegant

Special thanks to all the vendors who made their day amazing!

Venue: Clarkson Hall

Floral Design: Darcy from Dunvegan Gardens

Hair: Victoria Brandsma Hair (Salon West)

Dress: Castaspella Boutique

Suit: Moores 

DJ: Andre the DJ

Grande PrairieRob + NicolePomeroy Hotel Wedding

pomeroy wedding bride and groom photos in grande prairie with rob and nicole this image include wedding flowers and shoes sparkly with kayla lynn photography

Rob’s and Nicole’s wedding day was the perfect start to September, photographing this sweet couple we adore! You may remember these two from their Kleskun Hill (Grande Prairie) engagement session a few months back. They are a super fun couple and always full of smiles. I could hardly wait until their special day!

The day started a bit cloudy with a hint of sun. However, as soon as we arrived to their portrait location, we were hit with unexpected wind and rain. The wind was so heavy, the umbrellas weren’t enough support to block off the rain. As a result, we followed our second backup plan and chose a very nice indoor location, close to where their reception was being held at the Pomeroy Hotel. I normally deliver outdoor photos to my couples, but looking at their images, I actually LOVED how this small indoor location made for such bright and beautiful images! We did so many pictures in this location from Nicole sharing her first look with her brother and dad, as well as bridal party photos and bride & groom photos… I really don’t think there could have been a better indoor location than this!

One of my favorite moments throughout the whole day was Nicole sharing a first look with her brother and dad. As soon as Nicole’s brother and dad turned around to see her for their first time, their reactions were priceless. She was so beautiful. Nicole shared a long warm hug with her brother. She then hugged her amazing dad, with a warm smile on his face. You could just feel the emotion in this moment, so full of love and joy. To capture this moment as a photographer, I know these images Nicole and their family will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Rob and Nicole, It was such a joy getting to be there and capture all the moments and memories made on your special day. We feel so incredibly happy to be your photographers! Enjoy just a few of our many favorites!


bride portraits going for a first look with her brother and dad father for the first time at the pomeroy hotel in grande prairienicole bride wedding shoes detail photo very bright and airy they are sparkly and silverbrides brother seeing her sister for the first time at the pomeroy hotel before wedding day all the emotionbride's brother hugging her full of emotion tear on her wedding day at the pomeroy hotel bride getting ready into dress in grande prairiebride and groom walking inside the pomeroy hotelbride dad hugging her for the first look at the pomeroy hotel bride and groom smiling photobride and groom romantic serious photo at the pomeroy hotel very light and airy photographybride and groom photos with grande prairie wedding photographer at the pomeroy hotel


Thank you to all the vendors who were a part of their special day!

Venue – Pomeroy Hotel

Florist – Freson Floral

Rentals – Affordable Elegance

DJ – Flip Entertainment

Dress – Castaspella Boutique

Suits – Moores Clothing


Grande PrairieOge + MeredithMillwood Country Inn Wedding

I am so excited to share this beautiful Millwood Country Inn wedding (in Grande Prairie, Alberta) with you today! After capturing Oge’s and Meredith’s engagement session in June, I was extra excited to capture their special day! These two are super relaxed, they have the most contagious smiles and the most kindest hearts. I love their sense of humor, too! I don’t know how we get so lucky working with the most amazing couples there is! Not only that, but we had the privilege working with amazing videographers, Via Prestige Studio, and ensuring Oge and Meredith have memories documented so that they may cherish their photos and video for years to come.

Their ceremony and reception took place at the the gorgeous Millwood Country Inn, my favorite wedding venue located in the Grande Prairie area. Bright green hues, a cute building, vines and flowers all over… it was truly magical and breathtaking. The possibilities for photos are endless. If I could, I could take pictures all the time.

What stuck out the most to me was the warmth and love of Oge and Meredith, and everyone around them on their special day. Meredith’s sister Kirsten was such an amazing help throughout the day, ensuring everything ran smoothly. The bride’s mother, Melody, planned a lot of the details (before they were even engaged) and leading up to their wedding day.  Meredith’s bridesmaids and Oge’s groomsmen were so incredibly sweet to be around and each excited to be a part of their special day. During the reception, family and friends shared stories, verses from the bible and sweet memories from the past including Oge and Meredith. You could feel the love by not only this sweet couple, but by every single person in the room.

Oge and Meredith, thank you so much for allowing us to capture your special day. It was truly an honor, and we are so excited for you to see some of our many favorites!!

Special thanks to my second photographer, Kaylah, for capturing the groom’s getting ready photos and reception detail photos, included within this blog post.

Special thanks to all the vendors who made their day amazing!

Venue: Millwood Country Inn

Videography: Via Prestige Studios

Flowers: Grower Direct Grande Prairie

Hair & Makeup: Alice Deng Makeup

Dress: Castapella Boutique

Suit: Milano for Men

Bridemaids Dress: Attom Atire