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Brandon & Cassidy | Sunflower Engagement Session | Kayla Lynn Photography

Oh friends, you are in for a treat today!  I absolutely loved photographing Brandon and Cassidy.  We has their engagement shoot scheduled in for a very long time, but it was worth the wait! The trees were full of colorful leaves and the light was incredibly glowing, that evening.  I don’t think it could have gotten better than that! 

You won’t believe this, especially after looking at their photos, but Cassidy and Brandon shared with me that this was their FIRST professional photo shoot together.  They also shared with me that they were a bit nervous beforehand.  I understand why – it’s always such an unknown to have your photos taken.  A lot of our couples rarely have their photos taken together beforehand, so I was excited to create something beautiful for them.  The best part? These two were absolute naturals in front of the camera! 

Everything about their session was a dream. Their contagious smiles, glowing light and bright yellow leaves.  Cassidy loves sunflowers, so she brought a small bouquet of them for their session.  Sometimes it’s the little props like that, that add just the right touch to a session!  I’m pretty sure our favorite moment was seeing Brandon chop the stems off a little shorter with his teeth, just for the photos.  It was hilarious!  I loved their dedication to get the perfect, dreamy engagement photos.

Cassidy and Brandon, thank you for having me capture these sweet memories!  You two are SO cute together and the camera just couldn’t get enough of you.  I am already excited for your wedding day in 2021.  I hope you love these photos as much as I loved photographing them for you.  Let the countdown begin to July!

fall engagement photos with photographer from grande prairie lots of yellow leaves and glow with brandon and cassidy wearing blue and greycassidy and branding tall grass yellow leaves for their engagement session along the south bear creek for photos in the fall romantic posebrandon and cassidy for their fall photos in grande prairie with sunflowers very photogenic couple standing belly button to belly button with yellow leaves glow in the background very beautiful and dreamysunflower engagement session with brandon and cassidy sittong on a blanket in the tall grass with yellow orange fall colors leaves in the background wearing blue shirt and grey dress

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Tayler & Chelsea | Jasper Engagement Photos | Kayla Lynn Photography

engagement photos in jasper alberta wiht chelsea and tayler with formal wear

Chelsea and Tayler are one of those couples you can’t help admiring and enjoying being around, because they are so well-suited to each other and such a beautiful couple! It would have been impossible to ask for a sweeter couple to photograph in the stunning mountains of Jasper!! They complement each other so well and are so full of joy and fun; our time together flew by so quickly because we spent so much of it laughing! Chelsea had so thoughtfully picked out multiple beautiful outfits that were so well-coordinated and photographed like a dream, and they purposefully bought flowers just to accessorize the ring shots!! It was so lovely to photograph a couple who was so invested in the process and took such care to make their engagement session as special as possible, and Chelsea’s hairstylist absolutely outdid herself with Chelsea’s gorgeous updo. These two were also up for anything; they were so willing to try out new poses and locations even when they had no idea what to expect! I think it’s safe to say that their willingness paid off because we are so in love with how their photographs turned out!!

The story of Tayler’s proposal to Chelsea was also so sweet! Tayler & Chelsea met in high school but didn’t start dating until college, and they had been dating for several years before Tayler decided that now was the right time to propose! Chelsea was away visiting her family and Tayler came to join her around a week later, and little did she know that in that timeframe he had bought a ring! When Tayler arrived he asked Chelsea’s father for his permission to marry her, and from that point on her dad became an accomplice in all Tayler’s proposal plans! Chelsea started to get suspicious when Tayler asked her to dress up nice and do her hair, but when he led her out into her parent’s beautiful backyard and proposed amidst an abundance of flowers all other thoughts flew from her mind! Her parents were both there to witness this beautiful moment, and her mom was so caught by surprise that she kept asking, “Is this really happening?!” And it really was!!

Chelsea & Tayler, it was wonderful getting to meet you both and I feel so honored to be your photographer during such a precious time in your lives!! It’s clear to see that you two are so in love and will take the world by storm! I hope you love your images as much as I loved taking them; you two are truly something special! I can’t wait to photograph your wedding next summer!!

Enjoy a few of our favorites from your beautiful session!

engagement photos in jasper mountains with chelsea and tayler with wedding photographer with light and airy stylecreative mountain photo in jasper with lake and sand with chelsea and tayler joyful happy couple mountain jasper engagement photos smiling with mountains in the background greeneryclose up photo with formal wear walking photo with light and airy jasper alberta photographer with mountains in the background wearing floral dress formal floral dress engagement photos in alberta with rocks and lake in the background very happy and candid beautiful mountain engagement wedding photos in jasper with light sand and mountains in the background with lake location couple walking near jasper lake for their engagement photos on the light sand with jasper photographer holding arm happy and smiling

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Kim & Jerrica | Alberta Wedding Photographer | Kayla Lynn Photography

photos with jim and jerrica in banff jasper national park in canada with their wedding and engagement photographer lots of light creams and dusty blue colors at lake minnewankaNot that long ago, we were all sitting at Jeffery’s Cafe, chatting about all the exciting plans ahead for Kim’s and Jerrica’s big day. As we sat together, I found out that they had nearly been 9 years together.  Only 10 minutes into getting to know these two, I already knew how perfect these two are for each other. They told me all about how they first met at work, in the Philippines, then dated long distance across the world for a full year. How Kim surprised Jerrica with flower petals, chocolate, but more importantly, a shiny new ring that would change their lives forever! 

Since the first day we met, Kim & Jerrica made it very clear they wanted their engagement portraits in the Canadian Rockies, shot by the crystal clear blue water. A couple months later, I received the news that Kim and Jerrica had to postpone their 9th year anniversary/wedding to a later date, in hopes to celebrate their special day with more family and friends.  So what did we do on their 9th year anniversary / wedding date, instead? We all packed our bags, traveling to one of those beautiful places in the world, to capture their engagement portraits… in Banff! There couldn’t have been a better way to celebrate their original wedding date AND 9th year anniversary, all at the same time.

Everything about their engagement session was so beautiful, in so many ways. Jerrica had a fresh bouquet of flowers made by the talented Willow Flower Co, a dusty blue skirt (snagged from my client closet) and perfectly coordinated outfits to pop against the scenic Lake Minnewanka location in Banff.  Above all, what stood out to me the most, was Kim’s and Jerrica’s love and commitment for one another. Over the last few months, so much has changed with our current covid situation. But what didn’t change is how deeply in love these two are, and that’s all I needed to make these portraits happen! 

Kim and Jerrica, you two are the sweetest!  I loved every minute having you in front of my camera, for your 9 year anniversary-engagement, and it makes me even more excited for your Millwood Country Inn wedding, in just a few more months. Here are some of my favorites from our time together,  in the mountains. I hope you love them as much as I do!!

engagement photos session at banff lake minnewanka bride wearing tulle skirt for their wedding very romantic and scenic location in alberta canadian rockies wearing blue tulle skirtlake minnewanka engagement session with the mountains in alberta banff simialr to jasper area with their wedding photographer wide angle shot wearing dusty bluebanff engagement session looking at the clear blue mountains and water wearing very fancy clothing suite and dusty blue dress skirt with bouquet by willow flower co in banff blue tulle skirt with canadian rocky mountains bride and her engagement photos flying in the air dress shot photoskim and jerrica close up smiling photo holding hands with mountains in the background for their engagement session holding bridal bouquetbride holding bouquet made by willow flower co. very stunninggroom kissing bride's hand with mountains in the background in banff canadian rockies with their wedding photographer that captured it allbride for their engagement session with light rock with dusty blue skirt holding a bouquet with bunny tail and greenery made by the willow flower corose gold engagement ring very happy couple smilingh at the camera close up bride holding bouquet made by willow flower co in banfflake minnewanka engagement photos of kim and jerrica for their engagement session with light mountains and rock in the background wide angle shot very romantic for their anniversary photosjasper banff national park engagement photographer with photos in canada with kim and jerrica with the mountains in the background very beautiful with dusty blue and light color tones holding a bouquet brie and groom arm around each other looking at the mountains Philippino couple

Loved working with this creative team!

Hair & Makeup – Lilies & Lace Beauty Co. 

Bouquet – Willow Flower Co.


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Eric & Lindsay | Grande Prairie Wedding Photographer | Kayla Lynn Photography

I am so excited to share with you Mr. Goodwin’s and Lindsay’s engagement session!  I say “Mr. Goodwin” because he was my computers teacher, in high school!  Mr. Goodwin was always such an encouragement when it came to challenging my skills as a photographer, provincially and nationally, throughout my high school years.  I always say if it weren’t for such encouraging family, teachers and friends, my life may look different than it is; They are all a part of the reason why I am a photographer today.  Now, years later, I am absolutely happy to see Mr. Goodwin engaged to his beautiful fiancé, Lindsay! 

Their session was calling for lightning, high winds and rain, so I secretly prayed that the rain would hold off for us.  Rain or shine, these two were excited to spend time together to get their portraits done, especially since their wedding will be here very soon. The best part?  Throughout our whole time together, there wasn’t a single drop off rain.  We couldn’t have asked for better!

These two found each other through their jobs, as teachers.  At the perfect time, they found their soulmate.  It’s obvious when you’re around these two, they are such an amazing pair!  They are both so calm and easy going, they made my job feel so easy through their relaxed personalities!

Mr. Goodwin and Lindsay, I am SO excited for your wedding day!  You two are such a joy to be around.  Your wedding day will be here before we know it, and I cannot wait to do this all over again, on your special day.  Enjoy some of my favorites! 😃

south bear creek engagement photos with mr goodwin and lindsay outdoor with their wedding photographer bridge is in the backgroundsummer engagement photos at the south bear creek in grande prairie tall grass and dress poka dot dresssmiling at the camera for their engagement photos eric and lindsay for their sessionfiance walking holding hands for their engagement photos with trees in the background walking in tall grass with a very light and airy style located in grande prairie at the parkengagement photos with lindsay and eric wearing blue and black poka dot dress with healssouth bear creek engagement photos with lindsay and eric creative photos with bridge trees and beautiful view


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Patrick & Cassie | Grande Prairie Couples Photographer | Kayla Lynn Photography

Every year, the pretty blossoms come out, but they only last for a short window of time.  I always get excited, as I drive around town, admiring all the lush, blooming trees.  When the blossoms came out this year, I knew I had to open up a couple sessions for blossom photos; That in itself tells you how beautiful they were. 

I remember first meeting Patrick and Cassie in the parking lot, right before their session.  They came out to meet me, so excited for their new portraits, together.  Being together for 6 months, they never had professional photos taken together before.  After photographing them for an hour, it seemed like they’ve known each other for years. They love to laugh, have fun, and go on mountain adventures together.   There are just so many similarities between these two.  They even went to the jump yard together on their first date; That in itself proves how perfect these two are for each other. 

Throughout our time together, they made my job feel SO easy!  These two are so full of love, joy and laughter.  I still couldn’t believe that this was their first time having professional pictures taken together.  They have the most contagious smiles.  My cheeks were hurting from all the laughter we shared.  I didn’t want this session to end.

Patrick and Cassie, I had the best time ever, while photographing your 6 month anniversary photos.  You two are as beautiful on the outside as you are kind on the inside, and that’s saying a lot, because I don’t think it’s possible you could be any nicer.  You two are the happiest, smiliest, most joy-radiating people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.  I hope you enjoy looking at your love through my lens as much as I loved photographing it. 

photos with patrick and cassie with the cherry blossoms blush in grande prairie very light and airy and happy beautiful close up photos of cassie and patrick for their anniversary couples wedding photos out at julibee park with the blossoms in grande prairiegrande prairie cherry blossom couples photos lots of blush and blue in grande prairie albertalight and airy wedding and engagement photos with cassie and patrick with all the blossoms at julibee parkbeautiful creative photo captured by kayla lynn photography of couple in the blossoms in grande prairie for their anniversary cassie and patrick with the blush and white dress in front of the beautiful blossoms in grande prairie candid engagement photos couple that is happy close up with their photographer in grand prairie alberta as they hug each otherromantic engagement anniversary photos with flowy blush dress with all the blossoms and greens in the spring in grande prairie alberta very light and airycandid photo of cassie laughing happy couple for their photos

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Denny & Chantelle | Grande Prairie Wedding Photographer | Kayla Lynn Photography

grande prairie wedding photographer for denny chantelle engagement photos at dunvegan near fairview close up photo of chantelle wearing light blue dress black shirt

Denny popped the question, last fall. They were enjoying some time on the boat, followed by lunch at their uncle’s cabin.  Soon after, it was at that moment, that he asked Chantelle to marry him… of course she said yes!!! 

I remember so clearly, when Chantelle emailed me and asked me if I would be interested in capturing their big day. When she mentioned that they are having a winter wedding, I must admit, I got pretty excited! Winter weddings aren’t as common, but being a photographer, I know how beautiful their portraits are going to be with the fluffy, white snow.

Getting to capture their engagement portraits was such a joy!  I met them all the way to Dunvegan, for their engagement session, in this area full of lush grass and trees. Hills surrounded this couple, so in love! It was the perfect location for photos. As the sun set, I took them out to one of my secret locations… overlooking the hills and the glowy light. It felt like a photographer’s heaven. It was truly magical.

I had such a great time capturing these sweet memories for you, Denny and Chantelle. Your warm smiles and laughter is contagious. Each frame got me more and more excited for your special day. It’s going to be hard waiting another 6 months to capture your beautiful smiles again, but I know it will be worth it! I feel honored to capture this special time for you. Enjoy some of my favorites, from our time together!

denny and chantelle romantic engagement photos on top of hill dunvegan near fairviewgrande prairie wedding photographer for denny chantelle engagement photos at dunvegan near fairview close up photo of chantelle wearing light blue dress black shirtcouple standing with hill i the background for their dunvegan engagement photos near fairviewfairview dunvegan family photos with photographer from grande prairie lifestyle sessiondunvegan hills with couple engagement photos wearing casual clothing cute coupledunvegan engagement wedding in the summer landscape photo shoot engagement photos b;lack and white with dunvegan bridge in the background summer engagement session at dunvegan fairview in alberta with lush green grass and treesdunvegan hills engagement photos with denny and chantelle in the summeralebrta light and airy photographer engagement photos in alberta near fairview at dunvegan with sunset and glowy light in the background very romantic photochantelle and denny for their engagement session close up shot looking at the camera smiles

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John + Alisabeth | Grande Prairie Wedding Photographer | Kayla Lynn Photography

grande prairie engagement photo of john and alisabeth very light and airy close up


I remember receiving the email from Alisabeth, saying that she just got engaged, YESTERDAY!  I always get excited when couples reach out to me looking for a photographer, especially when their proposal just happened!  Soon after, we met for coffee. I enjoyed getting to hear their story, as a couple and how he proposed to her. It was all so sweet. And now, it will be just a short two months before their big day!! 

Their engagement session couldn’t have been more perfect. The day was fresh with no wind, full of glowy sunlight!!! I am just obsessed with their color choice, light blue and grape purple, my two favorite colors. It truly popped against the sparkling snow with the sunlight peeking behind them. Although I always send my couples’ locations to choose from, Alisabeth allowed me to choose their engagement session locations for them and I am so glad she did!!!  I took them to one of my hidden gems, filled with trees and sunset glow. It set the tone for perfect engagement portraits! 

With all that is going on in the world right now, it was so refreshing getting to capture John’s and Alisabeth’s engagement photos. They have such calm, yet joyful personalities, which makes it so much fun to be around! We chatted about their big day, their plans for the weekend and so much more. Throughout our time together, I couldn’t help but notice their joyful, beautiful smiles. You’ll know exactly what I mean, as you scroll through the images! 

John and Alisabeth, it was lovely getting to capture these special memories of you two being engaged! Even when my boots were in 1-2 feet of deep snow… I can say it was well worth it!  We are so excited to see you two become husband and wife, in just a couple more months. Enjoy some of my favorites from your engagement session!


alisabeth and john at muskoseepi park path in grande prairie for engagement photos in the spring winter wearing purple shirt and jeans.grande prairie engagement with john and alisabeth in the winter spring smiling photo at the camera with background full of glowcouple on blanket for engagement photography photos at muskoseepi parkcouple engagagement photos with photographer along muskoseepi park creek path with treescouple walking on path in grande prairie engagement photos smiling at the camera engaged coupleengagement photos of alisabeth and john at muskpseepi park in grande prairie joyful smiling couple photosalberta wedding photographer captured engagement photos for alisabeth and john in grande prairie purple along the path very dreamygroom close up shot smiling at the camera wearing purple and blue casual clothingromantic photo of couple wearing casual clothing far away shot

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Zack & Jillian | Edmonton Engagement Photos | Kayla Lynn Photography

edmonton engagement session at the woodbridge park with zack and jillian red barn with dog willow engaged

It was around 9:00pm on January 9th, when a notification popped up in my Facebook messenger… I clicked on the message and there layed a beautiful selfie of Zack and my step-sister, Jillian, with a shiny new ring on her finger… They were ENGAGED!! I jumped for joy because I was just so happy that these two highschool sweethearts are now getting married. Seconds later, Jillian asked if I would be their wedding photographer, and of course I said yes!!

A few weeks later, I drove to Edmonton and shot their engagement session at the Woodbridge Park with their sweet dog, Willow. We started our weekend celebrating Jillian’s birthday, full of good food and playing our new favorite card game. Whenever we get together for Christmas or camping trips in the summertime, playing cards is one of our favorite things to do together! 

Then the next day, it was time for their engagement session!!! The day was windy, but perfectly cloudy with a hint of light shining through. Whenever I shoot a windy engagement session, it can be easy to feel like things are getting out of control. But, with my creative vision, I can ALWAYS make any photo look beautiful because I use that wind to our advantage, creating images full of joy and laughter! I was especially excited because we were capturing some beautiful Pantene commercial worthy images. Shooting at Woodbridge Park was truly a unique, beautiful location! There was a burgundy barn, light grass on the edge of the frozen pond and a nice path to walk on.  Jillian and Zach were holding hands and smiling at each other with their sweet dog, Willow. It was so sweet getting to capture photos with all three of them, together! 

Zack and Jillian, your love for each other shines through your engagement photos and I feel so honoured that you choose me to capture your happy memories!!! I am really looking forward to seeing you two get married… and the daddy-daughter first look, I know it’s all going to be so sweet! Enjoy a few of my favorites and get excited for their gorgeous fall wedding.  It will be here before we know it!

edmonton engagement session with jillian and zack at the woodridge park in the winter couple is walking on the path smiling at each otherblack and white engagement photo of jillian and jack for their winter engagement sessionwindy engagement session couple holding hands in edmonton in the winter blue and light grey clothing smilingblack and white photos of zack nuzzling jilllian on a path at the woodbridge park grande prairie and edmonton photographer captures engagement and weddings photos for jillian and zack in the winter jack and jillian holding hands in the winter smiling holding onto jacket close up photozack and jillan with their dog willow on the winter path for engagement session photobeautiful elegant wedding ring in the winter snowcandid photo black and white of zack and jillian walking along the path

romantic light and airy photographer in edmonton alberta of jillian and zack for their winter engagement photos jillian and zack sitting and laughing full of joy for their engagement session woodbridge engagement photos with zack and jillian in edmonton grande prairie with their wedding photographer kayla in the big red barnjillian and zack engagement photos close up nose to nose in the winter for their engagement and soon to be married for their wedding beautiful engagement photos at the woodbridge in edmonton with jillian and zack barn light and airy photographer with couples engagement winter photography in alberta with jillian and zack holding handsalberta dog photographer for engagement session walking on a path in the winter dog of honor


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Cody & Cassidy | Grande Prairie Wedding Photographer | Kayla Lynn Photography

cody and cassidy engagement session with photographer kayla lynn photography in grande prairie close up photo wearing emerald green dress

Cassidy’s and Cody’s story is just the sweetest. They had a holiday booked for Jasper, and that is when he planned to propose to Cassidy. But as soon as the ring came in, he knew he had to propose to her sooner! He was excited and knew the timing was perfect to propose to her on their farm, the place they love spending time with all their animals. On Valentines day, he brought out an album he made for her, starting with a photo of their very first date. The very last photo was a picture of Cody with their two horses, two dogs and sign asking her to marry him. It was the most thoughtful way for him to propose to her, especially being in their own home! 

This sweet couple is so full of life and joy, and super photogenic too! You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about as you scroll through these images. I would often catch Cody and Cassidy smiling at each other, and that in itself made it so much fun to photograph! We walked along the paths, full of trees with their two dogs, Gus and Diesel. Although it was a warmer winter day, these two are champs for braving the -4 weather for about an hour! We then walked up to one of my new favorite spots, overlooking plenty of snow-filled spruce trees with clouds in the background. The view was gorgeous as they snuggled on a warm fuzzy blanket to keep each other warm! 

Cody and Cassidy, I am beyond excited to capture your big day, this summer! You two are such naturals in front of the camera, and I am really looking forward to capturing your happy memories!!! Enjoy some of my favorites and get excited for their wedding. It will be here before we know it!

grande prairie engagement photographer captures cody and cassidy engagement photos with spruce trees in the backgroundcassidy and cody for their engagement photos in emerald green dress in grande prairie locationemerald green engagement session in grande prairie alberta with cassidy and cody very romanticcute couple photos in the winter in grande prairie with spruce trees in the background

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Calvin & Kelsey | Alberta Wedding Photographer | Kayla Lynn Photography

Kesley was in Corwin’s and Amanda’s bridal party last summer, and when she contacted me to photograph her special day, I was so excited!! Right from the beginning, I knew we would be such a great fit! I get so excited when I get to work with my bride’s friends because they are always such delightful people to be around!!

Calvin and Kelsey crossed paths many times throughout their lives including her job in gymnastics, a few trips to the hospital, and then again through Facebook! At one point in Calvin’s life, he was taking many visits to the hospital. It was then he spoke to her a few times. The conversations they shared felt very natural.  One day she received a Facebook friend request from Calvin. When she clicked on his profile, she noticed that she taught Calvin’s daughter gymnastics! It was the sweetest! 

Shortly after Corwin’s and Amanda’s wedding day, Calvin and Kelsey visited one of the Okanagan vineyards, their favorite places to be! When Kelsey asked a lady to take a random photo of the two of them at the vineyard, Calvin knew this would be the perfect moment to propose to her. As the lady took their pictures, Calvin pulled out the ring from his pocket, nelt down on one knee, asking her to marry him. Kelsey of course said “yes!”, as her face was overflowing with tears. The lady then asked to take a photo of her ring, and more tears were running down her face. It was a very exciting moment! 

Calvin’s and Kelsey’s engagement session was full of soft, golden fall colors! I got to photograph their session in a location I never shot before. Combined with their joyful spirits, all I can say is that I’m obsessed with the results! They were always smiling, kept each other warm and were SO in love. It was a little chilly for their shoot, but these two enjoyed their session to the fullest!

Calvin and Kelsey, I truly enjoyed getting to capture this special season in your life. You two are so perfect for each other, and it truly shows in your photos! Photographing your engagement portraits is making me SO excited for your Edmonton Wedding in May!! Enjoy some of my favorites!

grande prairie fall engagement photographer with calvin and kelsey at kleskun hills grey sweaters cozyfall october engagement photos with calvin and kelsey in grande prairie wedding photographer in the sitting tall grassedmonton wedding photographer captured couple engagement photos in grande prairie with grey sweatersfall phtoos with kelsey and calvin in grande prairie before their edmonton wedding golden grass light and airy happy couplecouple holding hands for fall engagement photos in edmonton grande prairie for fall cuddly and cozyfall engagement photographer in grande prairie groom smiling in tall golden grass for Edmonton couplelight and airy fall photos in october with calvin and kelsey so soft and dreamy and cozy