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Zack & Jillian | Edmonton Engagement Photos | Kayla Lynn Photography

edmonton engagement session at the woodbridge park with zack and jillian red barn with dog willow engaged

It was around 9:00pm on January 9th, when a notification popped up in my Facebook messenger… I clicked on the message and there layed a beautiful selfie of Zack and my step-sister, Jillian, with a shiny new ring on her finger… They were ENGAGED!! I jumped for joy because I was just so happy that these two highschool sweethearts are now getting married. Seconds later, Jillian asked if I would be their wedding photographer, and of course I said yes!!

A few weeks later, I drove to Edmonton and shot their engagement session at the Woodbridge Park with their sweet dog, Willow. We started our weekend celebrating Jillian’s birthday, full of good food and playing our new favorite card game. Whenever we get together for Christmas or camping trips in the summertime, playing cards is one of our favorite things to do together! 

Then the next day, it was time for their engagement session!!! The day was windy, but perfectly cloudy with a hint of light shining through. Whenever I shoot a windy engagement session, it can be easy to feel like things are getting out of control. But, with my creative vision, I can ALWAYS make any photo look beautiful because I use that wind to our advantage, creating images full of joy and laughter! I was especially excited because we were capturing some beautiful Pantene commercial worthy images. Shooting at Woodbridge Park was truly a unique, beautiful location! There was a burgundy barn, light grass on the edge of the frozen pond and a nice path to walk on.  Jillian and Zach were holding hands and smiling at each other with their sweet dog, Willow. It was so sweet getting to capture photos with all three of them, together! 

Zack and Jillian, your love for each other shines through your engagement photos and I feel so honoured that you choose me to capture your happy memories!!! I am really looking forward to seeing you two get married… and the daddy-daughter first look, I know it’s all going to be so sweet! Enjoy a few of my favorites and get excited for their gorgeous fall wedding.  It will be here before we know it!

edmonton engagement session with jillian and zack at the woodridge park in the winter couple is walking on the path smiling at each otherblack and white engagement photo of jillian and jack for their winter engagement sessionwindy engagement session couple holding hands in edmonton in the winter blue and light grey clothing smilingblack and white photos of zack nuzzling jilllian on a path at the woodbridge park grande prairie and edmonton photographer captures engagement and weddings photos for jillian and zack in the winter jack and jillian holding hands in the winter smiling holding onto jacket close up photozack and jillan with their dog willow on the winter path for engagement session photobeautiful elegant wedding ring in the winter snowcandid photo black and white of zack and jillian walking along the path

romantic light and airy photographer in edmonton alberta of jillian and zack for their winter engagement photos jillian and zack sitting and laughing full of joy for their engagement session woodbridge engagement photos with zack and jillian in edmonton grande prairie with their wedding photographer kayla in the big red barnjillian and zack engagement photos close up nose to nose in the winter for their engagement and soon to be married for their wedding beautiful engagement photos at the woodbridge in edmonton with jillian and zack barn light and airy photographer with couples engagement winter photography in alberta with jillian and zack holding handsalberta dog photographer for engagement session walking on a path in the winter dog of honor


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Cody & Cassidy | Grande Prairie Wedding Photographer | Kayla Lynn Photography

cody and cassidy engagement session with photographer kayla lynn photography in grande prairie close up photo wearing emerald green dress

Cassidy’s and Cody’s story is just the sweetest. They had a holiday booked for Jasper, and that is when he planned to propose to Cassidy. But as soon as the ring came in, he knew he had to propose to her sooner! He was excited and knew the timing was perfect to propose to her on their farm, the place they love spending time with all their animals. On Valentines day, he brought out an album he made for her, starting with a photo of their very first date. The very last photo was a picture of Cody with their two horses, two dogs and sign asking her to marry him. It was the most thoughtful way for him to propose to her, especially being in their own home! 

This sweet couple is so full of life and joy, and super photogenic too! You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about as you scroll through these images. I would often catch Cody and Cassidy smiling at each other, and that in itself made it so much fun to photograph! We walked along the paths, full of trees with their two dogs, Gus and Diesel. Although it was a warmer winter day, these two are champs for braving the -4 weather for about an hour! We then walked up to one of my new favorite spots, overlooking plenty of snow-filled spruce trees with clouds in the background. The view was gorgeous as they snuggled on a warm fuzzy blanket to keep each other warm! 

Cody and Cassidy, I am beyond excited to capture your big day, this summer! You two are such naturals in front of the camera, and I am really looking forward to capturing your happy memories!!! Enjoy some of my favorites and get excited for their wedding. It will be here before we know it!

grande prairie engagement photographer captures cody and cassidy engagement photos with spruce trees in the backgroundcassidy and cody for their engagement photos in emerald green dress in grande prairie locationemerald green engagement session in grande prairie alberta with cassidy and cody very romanticcute couple photos in the winter in grande prairie with spruce trees in the background

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Calvin & Kelsey | Alberta Wedding Photographer | Kayla Lynn Photography

Kesley was in Corwin’s and Amanda’s bridal party last summer, and when she contacted me to photograph her special day, I was so excited!! Right from the beginning, I knew we would be such a great fit! I get so excited when I get to work with my bride’s friends because they are always such delightful people to be around!!

Calvin and Kelsey crossed paths many times throughout their lives including her job in gymnastics, a few trips to the hospital, and then again through Facebook! At one point in Calvin’s life, he was taking many visits to the hospital. It was then he spoke to her a few times. The conversations they shared felt very natural.  One day she received a Facebook friend request from Calvin. When she clicked on his profile, she noticed that she taught Calvin’s daughter gymnastics! It was the sweetest! 

Shortly after Corwin’s and Amanda’s wedding day, Calvin and Kelsey visited one of the Okanagan vineyards, their favorite places to be! When Kelsey asked a lady to take a random photo of the two of them at the vineyard, Calvin knew this would be the perfect moment to propose to her. As the lady took their pictures, Calvin pulled out the ring from his pocket, nelt down on one knee, asking her to marry him. Kelsey of course said “yes!”, as her face was overflowing with tears. The lady then asked to take a photo of her ring, and more tears were running down her face. It was a very exciting moment! 

Calvin’s and Kelsey’s engagement session was full of soft, golden fall colors! I got to photograph their session in a location I never shot before. Combined with their joyful spirits, all I can say is that I’m obsessed with the results! They were always smiling, kept each other warm and were SO in love. It was a little chilly for their shoot, but these two enjoyed their session to the fullest!

Calvin and Kelsey, I truly enjoyed getting to capture this special season in your life. You two are so perfect for each other, and it truly shows in your photos! Photographing your engagement portraits is making me SO excited for your Edmonton Wedding in May!! Enjoy some of my favorites!

grande prairie fall engagement photographer with calvin and kelsey at kleskun hills grey sweaters cozyfall october engagement photos with calvin and kelsey in grande prairie wedding photographer in the sitting tall grassedmonton wedding photographer captured couple engagement photos in grande prairie with grey sweatersfall phtoos with kelsey and calvin in grande prairie before their edmonton wedding golden grass light and airy happy couplecouple holding hands for fall engagement photos in edmonton grande prairie for fall cuddly and cozyfall engagement photographer in grande prairie groom smiling in tall golden grass for Edmonton couplelight and airy fall photos in october with calvin and kelsey so soft and dreamy and cozy

Gerad & Kailey | Grande Prairie Wedding Photographer | Kayla Lynn Photography

I remember seeing Gerad and Kailey dancing on the dance floor at Kevin’s and Taylor’s wedding last year, and I thought to myself, “These two are going to get married someday!” Seeing them dance together, I could feel and see the love they have for each other. I thought they were the cutest couple! When Kailey inquired with me for her wedding day, I was ecstatic! One of my favorite things being in business is the joy to be a part of multiple weddings within one family! It is such a privilege to capture not just one, but two weddings for the same family! 

As soon as I saw them for their engagement session, I knew their session was going to be perfect! Kailey wore a gorgeous white maxi dress with pink floral designs. The weather was amazing. There was very little wind, which was a huge bonus too, especially since wind is SO common in the prairies! I took them to a couple newly discovered locations. My heart was so happy when I discovered another spot that was new to me, it was perfect! There were wildflowers and grass scattered all over the place, as the light shone between them.  It didn’t even feel like we were in Grande Prairie at all! 

Gerad & Kailey brought along their cute little dog, Piper, and I am so thankful for the images captured with the three of them together. They are so cute! Special thanks to Kailey’s mom for watching over Piper AND capturing some behind the scenes shots! She is truly the best multitasker!

Gerad & Kailey, it was an honor capturing your engagement photos! I absolutely loved photographing your beautiful smiles. Although your wedding day is almost exactly a year away, it will definitely be worth the wait. We truly are looking forward to it! Enjoy some of my favorites!!! 

clarkson hall wedding couple for their engagement session with kailey and gerad floral dress at kleskun hills grande prairiedog engagement session with piper wearing floral dress engaged couple at kleskun hills very vibrant and light and airy

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Mikey & Anna | Alberta Wedding Photographer | Kayla Lynn Photography

I am so incredibly excited to share Mikey’s and Anna’s engagement session! These two traveled a couple hours away to meet with me! We started off the day together by going out for coffee, and they couldn’t have been sweeter! This was my first time meeting them in person, and I instantly felt connected through their joyful personalities! We talked a lot about all the exciting wedding plans ahead and I got to know them more as a couple through their engagement session, later that evening! 

I can already tell their wedding day is going to be fabulous! Their hearts are so full of excitement and joy. They are both equally so kind, they even offered to carry my camera bag while walking to different locations (it’s a very heavy bag). On their wedding day, there is going to be lots of dancing and I’ve heard they have such a fun group of friends! We are truly looking forward to capturing it all.

One of the most funniest moments is when I was capturing Anna’s ring on a mini cactus, up on one of the hills at Kleskun. As I was taking photos, it suddenly fell into a pile of cacti. I attempted to pick it up with my bare hands, but I didn’t go any further because I realized that wouldn’t turn out so well, haha! So I dug into my emergency kit, tucked away in my camera bag, and pulled out a small bobby pin. And Voila, it worked! The ring was saved and we continued on capturing these beautiful engagement portraits for Mikey and Anna!

Mikey and Anna, thank you so much for travelling all the way to Grande Prairie for your engagement portraits. It is making me even MORE excited for your Grande Cache wedding, in only two weeks!!! Enjoy some of my favorites!

grande cache engagement with wedding photographer at kleskun hills ring photos on a flower cacti yellow and coral colorsgrande cache wedding photographer doing photos of romantic couple sitting down at kleskun hills in the grass with hills in the backgroundadventurous couple holding hands at kleskun hills in grande prairie alberta very fun mikey and anna close up photos of faces at kleskun hills in grande prairiemikey and anna for their engagement session hands around each other back looking at the kleskun hills with lots of grass in the backgroundwedding couple in kleskun forehead to forehead cactus ring photo with photographer at kleskun hills for their engagement session couple sitting down foreheads touching poseguy twirling girl for engagement session at kleskun hills

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Braden & Breanna | Grande Prairie Wedding Photographer | Kayla Lynn Photography

couple getting married at the bear creek golf course in grande prairie klesku hills for their engagement session very light and airy

Remember when Grande Prairie had so much rain for a couple weeks? We decided to reschedule Braden’s and Breanna’s engagement session at a later date, due to all the rain, and I am so glad we did! They absolutely deserve images that they will look back on for the rest of their lives! The day of their session was so perfect! It was a cool, cloudy day. The grass was green as can be. I could hear the birds lightly chirping in the trees. From that point on, I knew their session was going to be amazing!

Braden and Breanna have the sweetest story! It turns out Breanna and Braden went to the SAME high school and lived only a block away from each other, during their teen years! However, they had no clue this whole time. It is such a small world we live in! Later on, Braden proposed to Breanna at Mount Robson and the rest is history! 

I really loved meeting Braden and Breanna again during their engagement session! We chatted about their special day, their love for golf and how much their daughter is growing up so fast!!! I have two younger brothers of my own, so I vividly remember how much they’ve changed so quickly, every single month! 

It was so nice to go to capture these sweet moments at one of my favorite locations in the Grande Prairie area! I love that these images are so bright and so full of life! Maybe it was Breanna’s light floral dress… Maybe it was the hills in the background… or maybe it was just an amazing day because I get to work with such great people! I am truly looking forward to seeing them again for their Bear Creek Golf Course wedding, this upcoming fall! Enjoy getting to know Braden and Breanna through their engagement photos!

getting at the bear creek golf course wedding kleskun hills grande prairie engagement session in alberta with couple braden and breanna with hills and grass in the background bride is wearing a floral dress groom is wearing light blue shirtgrande prairie engagement photo romantic couple at klesukn hills in Alberta badlands wearing floral dress chest to chest landscape engagement photocreative photo of couople looking at the hills in grande prairie kleskun hills
engagement couple in grande prairie cute photo arms around each otherklesku hills couple for their engagement photos ring photo for engagement at kleskun hills on the sanddrumheller kleskun hills badlands engagement photos couple smiling at each other

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EdmontonHistoric Buildings EngagementAlberta Wedding Photographer

couple engagement photos in front of the university of alberta photographer with historic buildings with vines hanging across then walls with grande prairie wedding photographer

Last week, I drove all the way to Edmonton to do my uncle Scott’s and Jessie’s engagement photos! This summer has been FULL of rain, not only in Grande Prairie, but all across Alberta. We almost rescheduled Scott’s and Jessie’s session due to the rain, but luckily, the forecast suddenly changed. I was so glad because I could hardly wait to get these two in front of my camera!!! They were so natural and relaxed, which truly shows in their photos!

First of all, the location they chose for their engagement session was an absolute dream. The location we used to shoot Scott’s and Jessie’s engagement portraits was not in the original plans, however due to the rain, we decided to do their portraits in a dry location with pavement. There were old historic buildings with fancy brick, an abundance of greens and beautiful vines hanging across the walls. Prior to their session, I had seen a few beautiful photos of it online, but nothing compared to seeing this location in real life!  Secondly, their outfits were amazing. My uncle Scott wore fancy brown shoes, navy pants, paired with a light blue shirt. Jessie wore a fancy blush dress, paired with the cutest brown heels! I was a very happy photographer! 

As we moved between different locations, I truly enjoyed getting to know more about Jessie and my uncle Scott, while capturing this special season in their lives. They are so easy to talk to, and if sunsets weren’t real, I am sure we could have continued on with their session much longer!

Uncle Scott and Jessie, I am truly looking forward to capturing more amazing memories for your wedding day in Mexico, this winter! Enjoy some of my favorites!

engagement photos in front of the university of alberta with grande prairie alberta wedding photographer in Edmontoncouple engagement photos in front of the university of alberta photographer with historic buildings with vines hanging across then walls with grande prairie wedding photographerjessie and scott walking in front of the university of alberta for their engagement photos in canada wearing blush pink and navy with brown heels close up photo with a very light and airy feel in edmonton with scott and jessie standing photos edmonton engagement in front of historic building in alberta Canada very light and airyscott and jessie smiling at the camera close up photo in edmontonscott and jessie standing up on front historic building in edmonton for their engagement photos with lots of brick and stairs in the background in alberta wearing short blush dress and navy suit and pants brown shoes  couple sitting down in front of light historic building in edmonton for engagement photos on the stairs close up photo in edmonton for their engagement with light and airy feel girl blond hair blush and navy wet ground rainy engagement photos chest to chest with lots of greenery in the background couple in front of university of alberta blush and navy edmonton holding hands and walking close up photo nose to nose very romantic with soft colors scott and jessie in front of edmonton building for engagement photos

Lake EngagementDanial & ShelbeeGrande Prairie Photographer

grande prairie wedding photographer captures beautiful lake engagement with pretty red dress is beautiful sunlight

I have been loving all the engagement sessions, recently!  They have all been so beautiful, bright and dreamy! We have been planning Shelbee’s and Danial’s engagement session for months now, so you can imagine how excited I was to finally capture their engagement portraits!  The first time we scheduled their session, it ended up being a very rainy day, so we ended up rescheduling their session a few days later.  It was definitely worth the wait!

Something that I truly admire about Danial and Shelbee is that they love to hike together!  Last year, they decided to climb up Mount Hamel in Grande Cache, overlooking the beautiful mountain views.  Secretly, Danial had a special ring tucked away the whole trip up the mountain.  As they arrived to their final destination, Danial had Shelbee looked over the cliff to take a photo.  When she turned around, Danial was on one knee and asked her to marry her!!  It couldn’t have been more sweeter than that!

The best part of it all, is that Danial and Shelbee will be getting married on top of the SAME mountain Danial proposed to her!  Just typing this gives me goosebumps.  Shelbee will be flying on a helicopter, then walking down the aisle with her dad!  I am so incredibly excited to go on this adventure with them for their wedding, in Grande Cache!

Danial and Shelbee, your wedding is going to be amazing and I am really looking forward to capturing it, in almost exactly a year from now!  You two are such a kind and sweet couple.  Capturing the love that you have for each other fuels my love for photography, more and more!  Here are a few of my favorites from your engagement session.  Enjoy!

grande prairie engagement photos at saskatoon lake red dress grande cache couple wedding very light and airy with lots of green wide shot and ring shot couple sitting down for their engagement photos in the outdoors in the summer with lots of greenery in front of a lake in grande prairie danial and shelbee kissing under a tree for grande prairie engagement session very bright light and airy shelbee looking over shoulder couple inder a trees for their grande prairie cache engagement session with dress that is red and sunlight golden hour danial and shelbee close up photo smiling at the camera in the oudoor with lots of greens sitting down shelbee laughing and smiling in her red dress for her engagement photos under the dress very bright light and airy in grande prairie lake location danial and shelbee engagement photos forhead kiss red dress fancy outfits grande cache wedding couple with kayla lynn photographer engagement photos with the red dress in a grande prairie lake location with lots of greensshelbee and danial holding hands surrounded by greenery in grande prairie location by the lake danial and shelbee nuzzle sitting pose happy couple with red dress for outfoor engagement session in grande prairie beautiful light and airy photo shelbee wearing red dress to her engagement session grande cache wedding photographer light and airy and colorful very beautiful photos in grande prairie location luke getting married sign dog photo creative photos with couple in red dress by the lake sitting down for their engagement photos in grande prairie romantic photo in grande prairie cache with shelbee in her red dress full of greenery by the lake with wedding photographer


Picnic Theme Engagement SessionKyle + LaurellaGrande Prairie Photographer

Laurella and Kyle knew each other since they were young, but it wasn’t until over 10 years later, Kyle would propose to Laurella.  I always find it so amazing to hear how people who have known each other for so many years, end up marrying each other, years later!

Kyle & Laurella were both often in the high school library during their spare.  One day, Kyle walked up to Laurella, and that is how their friendship began! Eventually, Laurella moved hours away for her new job.  It was years since they had last seen each other.  As they years went by, they re-connected through Facebook, and shortly after, that is when their relationship began!

The proposal happened in March when Kyle went to Edmonton to go see Laurella!  At the time, he didn’t know exactly how he was going to propose to her.  So he went out with one his friends to find a nice location. Later that evening, Kyle and Lorella went to the Muttart Conservatory.  Kyle told Laurella that he had a gift for her.  He popped out the ring, and she was totally blown away!

My time with Kyle and Laurella was nothing but amazing!!  Meeting these two for the first time, in person, was such a pleasure.  They greeted me with a warm hug, with their contagious smiles, and it was from that moment, I knew our session was going to be amazing.  These two are so incredibly fun to hang around.  There were moments where I could not stop laughing! I truly loved every second of it!

Before officially booking their wedding photography with me, Laurella really wanted engagement photos in the pretty blossoms.  Hearing her request for blossom photos was one out of many reasons why I was so excited for their engagement session.  Anyone who knows me well, would know that I am obsessed with the blossoms at this time of year.  The warm sunlight glow, the spring floral smell and the pretty visual effects that the blossoms brought to Kyle’s and Laurella’s engagement session was truly my favorite.

Kyle and Laurella, I absolutely loved your engagement session!  I loved every minute of it, and it is only making me even MORE excited for your Kleskun Hills wedding, this September!  Here are a few of my favorite photos of you two together.  Enjoy!

cute couple wearing blush pink and blue in the grande prairie blossoms at julibee park with wedding photographer kayla lynn photography lots of greens and trees in the backgroundcute picnic theme with engaged couple in grande prairie with photographer and blossoms in the summer time really cute picnic theme set uppicnic theme yellow flowers close up sitting on blush patterned blanket with basket on the right sideclose up of laurella's hair and smiling creative shot with the leaves and blossoms for their engagement session photos picnic theme engagement session in grande prairie alberta with photographer that captures wedding with cute picnic basket and a wide shot of couple sitting on blanket with the blossoms close up of laurella bride sitting down for picnic theme shoot with her black and blush retro dress from the edmonton mallkyle and laurella couple full body photo at julibee park in grande prairie lots of greens in the background kyle and laurella close up of her smiling at the camera and close up of gold engagement ring sitting on blush patterned blanket makeup with blush and light blue kyle and laurella black and white photo smiling at trees really happy couple in love engaged kyle and laurella couple holding hands during their engagement session with the blossom tree and glowing light in the background lots of summer greens blush and black dress with light blue dress shirt kyle and laurella engagement photos with grande prairie wedding photographer laurella looking at the camera close up photo with lots of greens and trees and blossoms in the background laurella and kyle nose to nose very romantic pose with blush black dress tan pants and light blue shirt sitting on a picnic blanket close up photokyle and laurella holding hands wide shot with trees in the background for their photos laurella kyle verticle photo at julibee park with the green white blossoms in the background lots of greens for their retro fancy engagement session in grande prairie kyle and laurella smiling at the camera for their engagement session very cute couple

Kleskun Hills EngagementKyle & NicoleGrande Prairie Photographer

kyle and nicole kissing forhead romantic photo art kleskun hills grande praiire wedding engagement photographer

Recently, I had the pleasure of capturing Kyle’s and Nicole’s engagement portraits at one of my favorite locations, Kleskun Hills. For those who read my blog often, I like to shoot at Kleskun Hills at LEAST a couple times a year. The sandy hills, the pretty wildflowers, lush greens and radiant sunlight… these are just a few reasons why I love Kleskun Hills SO much! I’m obsessed with this place. Although I have photographed at this location countless of times, I love how each session always has a unique look to it!

I was so blown away how natural Kyle and Nicole were in front of the camera, during our time together! Kyle was always making Nicole giggle every once in while, producing some natural and genuine photos of them together! What blew me away is the fact that this was their FIRST time ever having their photos taken together, excluding the 10 selfies prior to our engagement session! If they hadn’t told me, I would have never known!

Although I LOVE getting creative and capturing these special memories before the big day, the engagement session is also the perfect time for me to get to know my couples even more. It’s so important, as a photographer, to create an environment where wedding day portraits will feel inviting and fun! From my experience, a lot of this has to do with getting to know my couples, while also capturing engagement portraits prior to their special day. This is why all my couples receive a complimentary engagement session with their wedding day package. As we walked between different locations, I truly enjoyed getting know more about Nicole’s and Kyle’s story, how they met through friends and what they like to do together as a couple!

Thank you for much for allowing me to capture these special memories for you, Kyle and Nicole!! We can’t wait to capture your special day in only a couple months from now, at Clarkson Hall! It’s going to be amazing!

beautiful couple for their engagement photos at kleskun hills nicole and kyle with floral black top couple smiling for their couples engagement shoot at kleskun hills lots of greens and hills in the background at sunset romantic photo of kyle and nicole at kleskun hills couple nicole and kyle smiling at the camera for their couple photos at klesun hills lots of greens and hills and wildflowers in the background kyle and nicole kissing forhead romantic photo art kleskun hills grande praiire wedding engagement photographer nicole and kyle engagement photo close up smiling at the camera black and white ring photo for nicole and kyle at kleskun hills with the grass and sandy hills in the background nicole smiling nuzzle pose with kyle at kelskun hills with grande prairie wedding photographer kissing advanced pose for kyle and nicole at kleskun hills